Monday, May 10, 2010

Is it rude to cut your finger nails in a waiting room?

I was in my eye doctor's waiting room and this old lady was trimming her finger nails. I was thinking couldn't you be looking though a magazine instead of doing that.

I found it rude but i just want other opinions. and why.Is it rude to cut your finger nails in a waiting room?
That's because your mother taught you how to behave....and, yes, it is very rude to carry out grooming of any kind in a public area.....that is why they put chairs and mirrors in ladies' rooms.

You will LOVE this extreme example...I worked in a small retail shop...we carried a very high-end line of hand and body creams...I looked over one day and saw a woman putting a bit of a cream on her hands ....which is normal...and THEN....she took the sample bottle of cream...walked over to a chair...removed her shoes and socks...and started to cream her feet AND legs....right there in the showroom...with the sample cream...

I was completely dumbfounded....and got the attention of another clerk...we both stood and watched that complete GIT do that crass thing.... she even smiled pleasantly at us while she was doing it...And, of course, we were pretending that everything was simply OK...without betraying our true thoughts.

Then she put her shoes and socks back on....replaced the sample bottom in it's proper position and calmy continued looking around the store.... when she left, we both simply howled with laughter....and howled even harder when another employee said that he was glad she didn't have dry skin on her ';bottom';...might have creamed that, too...Is it rude to cut your finger nails in a waiting room?
that seems kind of rude. like i would think it would be, cause you get your finger nails all over the floor. but then again, she could have been doing it on purpose if she was waiting there for a while.she could do that at home though
eww thats nasty
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