Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How do you get rid of acrylic nails?

Without having to go to a salon or something. The nails are the one where they super glue the french tip then put that clear stuff over the whole nail lolHow do you get rid of acrylic nails?
if their old then You can pull them off carefully. If their new im not sure.How do you get rid of acrylic nails?
bite off the tip then get something thin and sharp and dig under the rest
you have to soak them in acetone or regular nail polish remover. just pour some in a bowl and soak for about a half hour, you will want to cover the bowl and your hands with a wash cloth so the vapors dont get to you. the fake nails will disolve and that way your real nails won't break off. thats the way they do it at the salon. once all the arcrylic is off you can buff your nails to get rid if any residue.
Your natural nails can't breathe %26amp; are screwed anyway so try soaking/coating them in acetone (nail polish remover) that should desolve them or the glue or both, or try eucalyptus oil - it's awsome stuff! Or so I'm told...
If you go where you got them done they will take them off for you usually free of charge sometimes $5. Your nails are damaged but they do a little bit better at saving them than you probably could.
um hun u might wanna use some nail polish remover and soak them for awhile then take them off they should peel right off if u soak them long enough never pry them off u will hurt ur real nail okay good luck!!!
Soak them in acteone nail polish remover for a long time then gently, very gently, use an 'orange stick' or cuticle stick and gently pry them from the outside edges. If they don't lift, soak them some more. (some stores even sell acrylic nail remover)....
buy pure acetone nail polish remover and soak them in it and then pry them off thats all the salon will do and you can buy a huge bottle of it at a beauty supply store and it will still be cheaper than paying the salon to do it for you-make sure there is acetone in the remover if it is non-acetone remover it will not work as well
You have to soak them in nail polish remover to soften them and they slip off, I believe.
I usually pry mine off with a pocket knife.
u can use i think alcohol or nail polish remover

soak ur hands in it for awhile should come off easily.

if not google it or take someone eles answer

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