Friday, May 14, 2010

Do the caps you put on the dogs nails to prevent scratching on the hardwood floors worK?

we just put a new beautiful hardwood floor in with a medallion in the middle. we want to get a dog but we do not want the floor scratched.Do the caps you put on the dogs nails to prevent scratching on the hardwood floors worK?
The caps come off, and are on the expensive side. Also, the one dog I've seen have it done, screamed bloody murder when getting them applied. This same dog was always fine for his nails being trimmed, and having them pushed on to his toes seemed to be painful. I refused to apply them to any dog after seeing this. I felt bad for the dog.

Some dogs have long quicks (the nerve inside the nail) naturally and you won't be able to take the nails as short as you'd like. Weekly nail trims can help to make the quicks recede. Some groomers offer free nail trims in between grooms if you are a regular grooming client. Others charge between 5-15 dollars to get nails done.Do the caps you put on the dogs nails to prevent scratching on the hardwood floors worK?
I have hardwood flooring as well, I also have five dogs and a cat. My dogs weight ranges from 11 pounds all the way up to 120 pounds. We've only had to buff out one or two scratches, and its only when we skip a grooming trip.

As long as you keep the nails trimmed and filed down, you'll be fine. However, if you skip a grooming trip, you're bound to find a scratch or two, but they can be buffed out or even filled in, depending on the depth and length.

I wasn't aware that they had caps for dogs' nails, I knew they had them for cats, but not for dogs.
The smaller the dog / the more diligently you keep the nails trimmed down / covered the fewer problems you'll have. Our vet sells some stuff that melts down like paraphen (like hot wax) that you can tip trimmed nails in. Just realize its going to be a lot of upkeep. Best bet is a small dog that won't make big gouges and do regular manicures ;). The actual caps tend to come off a lot in my experience.
if your dogs nails are kept at the proper length then they should not touch the floor, if your dog has dark nails and you don't want to clip them yourself you can get a vet or groomer to show you the right length to keep them.
Just don't let in the room with the wood floors.

Or have it as an outdoor pet, if you have a fenced in yard.

I've never heard of caps over dogs nails.
Small dog with nails clipped. Not declawed, clipped. Problem happened with my teacher's dog. Kept clomping around and making noise during piano lessons
A smaller dog will not scratch it, and neither will a big dog if you keep them trimmed properly. We have a 45 pound dog and a 25 pound dog, no scratches yet!
Try having the nails drimmeled instead of clipped. That way there are no sharp nail edges. Just rounded off smooth short nail.
Keep the dogs nails clipped, and scratch marks will be kept to a minimum. Have the groomer do the nails monthly.
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