Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why is the top layer of my nails pealing?

They just started doing it recently. Also, they have a lot of ridges, if this helps you at all. Why is the top layer of my nails pealing?
I'm thinking it's probably:


Refers to Split, Peeling or Brittle nails that also have a series of lengthwise ridges. It can be caused by chemicals, injury to the fingers, excessive use of cuticle solvents, nail polish removers. This condition may be corrected by softening the nails with a reconditioning treatment.

I have my nail clients use Sensitive %26amp; Peeling Nail Envy

Formaldehyde-free formula protects against peeling with antioxidant Vitamin E and Kukui Nut Oil, soothes sensitive nails with Aloe Vera.

I hope this helps you!

Why is the top layer of my nails pealing?
its most likely to mean that your nails are weak. biting your nails will cause this. let them grow then cut them if you bite them
i have the same problen expect only with my pointer fingers, my sister said it might be from painting my nails too often
because you paint your nails so much the chemicals wear down them down.

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