Monday, May 10, 2010

Does anyone know how to get acrylic nails off?

I would like to get them off without ruining my nails underneath. Any suggestions?Does anyone know how to get acrylic nails off?
besides ruining your nails underneath it hurts so bad to pull them off! go back to the salon where you got them done and they can take them off for you

=]Does anyone know how to get acrylic nails off?
I think you have to go to a salon because I heard it hurt like you can't believe to take them of themselves.
One; let them just grow and they will eventually come off. (j/k)

You can get some ';acetone'; fingernail polish remover (but this will take a long time) and soak them. About every 5 minutes scrape them with your fingernails or get a buffer and buff them off. Soak/buff/soak/buff.

Do not use non-acetone, it wont work!
Soak them in acetone until they melt and use a pusher to clean the acrylic off.
ok first thing to do is soak them in nail polish remover until they melt off in a way. As soon as they come off buff your nail and rub garlic on your nails. Trust me its going to stink but the garlic and some clear nail polish will do the strick to make it easier put the garlic in the clear nail polish. Ive done this many times in my life after a while i stopped with the acrylic and just wrapped my nails until they were long enough to handle them natural.
Well a beautician once told me that the best thing to get acrylic nails off with without ruining your nails is by adding a little bit of vinegar and a pinch of salt with warm water.

Comes off so easy and i've never looked back cause it doesn't damage my nails

good luck x
Soak them in Pure Acetone. You can buy it at Sally Beauty Supply and that is what the salons do to remove them. You will still have the slight ridges, but you can buff and polish and no one will notice unless you point it out!
used to do nails for a living...

to do it at home... buy a bottle of pure acetone and soak em for a while and in between soaks you'll see the acrylic melting off... take a buffer and buff it off ... keep doing this process till your actually buffering your real nails...

good luck
acetone nail polish remover.

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