Friday, May 14, 2010


I have really bad nails. They are brittle, they crack and rip into layers, they don't grow evenly and they are not tough at all. How do I fix this?!? I kind-off just want to get fake nails because they have nice patterns on them and they hide my gross nails. Any advice? Oh and by the way I want my nails to be long.(real nails)

Thank you!!!!!Nails..???
you should try the hardening and vitamin enriched clear nail polish. it hardens you nails and gives them vitamins and minerals to get long and strong. The fake nails are only going to make you real nails even worse. They also might come off easily if you real nails arent stable enough.

you should buy sally hansen's products that are just perfect for your '; kind of '; nails it helps your nails grow stronger and faster (: so you wont have to go through all the troubles with acrylics.
just get acrylics
Go to a beauty saloon and do a manicure... It will make your nails look beautiful and it will also give it a shape. They will give you some advices of how to keep your nails... Be careful with your nails also...
Nooooo! absolutely NO fake nails! they cause problems for even the best nails.
Try using a nail hardener, it's just like a nail polish that hardens your nails!

Buying fake nails would be a good idea to hide your nails, but when the time comes 2 take them off, it might make them even weaker.

Good luck ;-)
Nail harderner may help you. Forget about Salley Hansen.. it doesn't work well for very weak nail. You may try ';Nailtek';.. I think can only get from nail salon. Ask the manicurist, they should able to advise which one is best for you. It can make your nail stronger and grow longer. Fake nail. acrylic nail will make your problem worst.
As a licensed professional in the nail industry .this is my advice to you........I'd recommend you go to a professional Salon for manicures .....with the kind of nails you describe it will be next to impossible to have the long natural nails you seek as the cracking and splitting will not let this be achieved ......the nail tech will be-able to help you take care of your nails and give you an informed decision should you decide to choose enhancements. An FYI enhancements don't ruin nails.......its a crappy technician that can ruin natural nails!
i've heard of a sally hansen product called hard-as-nails... that might be of help.
blah ! grow em' out and keep fileing them with a nail file ?

so a whole new nail could grow out and ur nail should be

alot stronger and put lotion on the side of ur nails and on the

cuticle so the skin around ur nail doesnt break n peel !


mmm.. slippers

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