Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What have you tried to stop biting your nails, and did it work?

I'm a nail biter, and was just wondering if anyone has successfully stopped biting their nails, and how they managed to do it.What have you tried to stop biting your nails, and did it work?
I used to bite my nails ALL the time, but I have since stopped and have not bitten them in over 3 years. My trick??? I mentally had to tell myself not to bite them. If I started to bite my nails, I would immediately stop grab a nail file and smooth it out. Once my nails grew out they looked so great that I didn't want to bite them. It just takes self control.What have you tried to stop biting your nails, and did it work?
Guess what? since I posted this question I've stopped biting my nails!!!! I got a manicure set for a present and started using it, and my nails looked so good I just stopped biting. Finally!!!

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I was biting my nails, untill I start smoking.
it's best if you go see a shrink about this, nail biting is habit caused by your mind instability, i am not trying to say you are out of your mind, for example, if you are interested or excited into something, the first thing u do is to bite.. they can be treated successfully but if you treat it without care, it will just cause more weird things, like switching to chewing gums, smoking, etc etc..

it's wrong to change the habit with another.. it's best to change the bad habits with psycologically cure.. i am pretty sure it won't take more than a couple of months to treat for nail biting.

hope that helps
manicure !!!! ..yes it works ! coz ';eating'; nail polish taste weird !!!!
Try putting things on nails such a nail polish remover without acetone which will leave a horrible taste in your mouth also, repeating this eventually will help your brain not want to do it.

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