Friday, May 14, 2010

What are your fav colors to paint your nails and toenails?

Since summer is just around the corner..what are you fav colors to paint your nails %26amp; toenails??

What color are they painted right now?

my toenails are painted white at the moment %26amp; my nails are hot pink =]What are your fav colors to paint your nails and toenails?
Pink, there's lots of different shades too What are your fav colors to paint your nails and toenails?
right now my fingernails are fuchsia and my toenails are a metallic-ish blue-purplish color. my fave fingernail polish color is an orange-hot pink color and i really like my toenails painted in the color i have on them right now, but once it gets to summertime i'll probably paint them a hot pink color. i also really like neon colors for my fingernails
For nails, I love white :)

Like how Miley Cyrus has them. There are recent pics

of her with white nail pollish.

Or I like a clear, or blue or purple. And green is awesome, especially when I'm in a preppy mood :)

And for toenails, I love white, haha. And rainbow.

My friend painted them like skittle colors before, it was so funny%26lt;3

But cute xD
Pink is always good. Sometimes i do a blue, green, maybe a yellow. uuhh, I do purple, and white, red, orange, and MAYBE black. Depends. uuhh....Sometimes i just don't do it one color, do like, french nails and stuff. But, those are the colors i use.
Coral, purple, red, blue.

I love bright coloured nails. But i also like really calm neutral tones.

Depends on what i'm wearing.

Right now they are bare because i planned on giving myself a little manicure tonight, but got distracted.

So tomorrow i'm going for a reddish pink colour :)
I like bright off the wall colors on my toes. Right now I have on a gorgeous fuchsia. I enjoy a bright orange, green, hot, hot pink or even a glorious yellow.

I leave my nails pink and white because I use my hands a lot and nail polish fades too quickly.
i always do hot pink, unless there is a school game or show ect then they are red with yellow letters spelling ';MOUAT'; (on the left) and ';HAWKS'; (on the right)

my toes are usually a light shade of pink and or light/deep shade of whatever my fingers are.
RED is definitely the best color to paint nails ever. I think they're so classy.. darker red for the winter, and lighter red for the summer.

I also like to paint my nails really dark blue for summer because it reminds me of sailors %26amp; nautical things!
Well, it's not really a summer color, but I often paint them a light shimmery silver. It's simple, chic, and goes with everything. I like really crazy color, too...oranges, blues, neons, bright magentas, etc. =D
My nails are painted black.(i just painted them, and no im not emo //_;)

i just like the color. its classy. but my fav is french manicure. but i have to go to the salon for that bc i dont have a steady hand :(

your combo sounds really pretty :)
It may be spring but this year its all about wild colors.Currently my nails are painted marine scene(clorine colored blue with shimmer) toenails simple pink.right now bronze shimmer gold and blues( no blacks) yellow ,oranges and simple pinks and red if u want.
I like to paint them electric blue, a really bright orange, white and sometimes black on my fingernails, never toes. It looks gross.

Right now my fingernails are white and my toenails are pink.
eh...i like black. I also like red and neon colors are pretty cool. Especially for summer. But that's just my opinion. And right now my nails are a really pretty dark purple almost black.
I like pink or a red, i normally dont paint my nails, and my toes have a french tip i like to keep it classy. but im sure ill will switch it up.
I love to paint my nails...

-coral pink/orange

-white with a gold shimmery over-coat

-light sky blue

-bright purple

they are pink coral right now
dark colors: purple, brown, black, ...

but in the Summer, I use the other colors, sometimes

for nails... hot pink

toes.... black

right now,.... fingers are peach

and toes are creamy pink…
right now mine are like a sapphire blue...i use black, pink, i have a really pretty green, and the blue which is my fav
Red!!! My fingernails are red right now (the summery, bright kind of red) and, because I didn't feel like painting my toenails, I just left them the color they were last week: pink. :D
hot pink rocks. the one with sparkles.

i also like crimson red for more formal/sexy affairs but hot pink for casual is fun.
Well, since I'm 40 I have a french manicure on my hands and my toenails are dark red.

But if I was still young enough to pain them any color at all, they would both be black!! :)
my toes are either orange and greeen most always, and my fingers are usually pink, red or orange.
I don't usually paint my nails, but I occasionally do my toenails.

I always paint them a bright, rich red. It works well with my pale skin.

a really dark purple somtimes.

or a crimson red with a clear coat on top.

i also like light cute summery colours

light blue light purple pink light greeen

it gets you into the mood :)
Coral is really nice and yellow

thats how i paint mine well not both at the same time though one color at a time
black, because i like to cut myself

personally on girls i prefer white and red.
something original like blue, green, or something like that! my toes are dark blue right now ^_^
Neon colors like Hot pink, lime green, electric blue, lemon yellow and I like having french tips. =]
a frenchie, pink, purple, or emerald.
black, purple, white, basically anything i guess but those are the main ones X }}

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