Friday, May 14, 2010

Any Ideas on How I can quit the habit of biting my nails?

Its kinda gross and plus i wanna grow them out. Got any suggestions?Any Ideas on How I can quit the habit of biting my nails?
There's a product called ';Control-it.'; It's specifically meant for that. I know you can buy it online, but why don't you ask a pharmacist in a big drug store if they have anything.

Or, if you have the money, you could get acrylic nails at a manicurist shop. They're beautiful, the nail polish does not come off, and there's no way you could bite them. You'd want a ';full set'; first ($35-$40) and then ';fills'; every 2 and a half weeks. (Under $20.) After a couple months your nails would be grown out. So it they were well-shaped and strong, you wouldn't need the acrylic anymore. Just a thought.....Any Ideas on How I can quit the habit of biting my nails?
i bit my nails for a long time... i didn't use any products. i just tried to keep my mind off of it and my friends and family helped out whenever they saw me biting or picking my nails they would smack my hands. also whenever i would get ready to bite my nails and i would put in some chewing gum instead and tell myself No, now i actually have to cut my nails and i swear i will never get into the bad habit ever again.
I have heard that you can buy a liquid (at a chemist?) that you spray or paint onto your finger nails. Apparently it tastes foul and should put you off the nail biting habit. Ask at your chemist or see your local doctor. Good luck with that.
There is this nail polish stuff you can put on there that tastes god awful. helped one of my girl friends kick the habbit it will work for you too i bet
Perhaps chewing gum all day long might help as your teeth will be so busy chewing that you won't have time to bite your nails.
castrol oil?

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