Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How short are your acrylic white tip nails?

Its been a long time since ive had acrylic nails, maybe years, and im thinking about gettin them, just one more time just because, but i want them really really short, i want white tip, but i dont want them to big on my real nail, i want a just a touch of white acrylic nail on the tip of my nail, does anyone know how short can they go? How short are your acrylic white tip nails?
im pretty sure they can go however short you want them too really.

but i'd suggest you get a french manicure instead if you just want a touch of white nail at the top of your nail. First of all, it doesnt ruin your nails (i hate when theyre taken off and your nails are thin as ever) and Second its cheaper, and third it doesnt look ugly once it grows out a bit!

hope i helped!How short are your acrylic white tip nails?
I would suggest you go to a qualified nail tech who does not use white tips instead uses white acrylic as it looks a lot more natural %26amp; you have more option as to how much white you have. I am a nail tech %26amp; while the point to having fake nails on is to add length it depends on how long your natural nail is %26amp; what you do. The shortest I have done a set of nails is even with the tip of the finger. I would also recommend you look at other peoples nails before you get them done so you can see the quality of work, I would not recommend one of the nail sweat shops. Also keep a nail file close by so as they grow you can file the length so they don't get too long for you to handle as this is when you will find they will break. I hope this helps.
The point of acrylic nails is to achieve length...

Why bother with them if you're looking to go so short?

Just get a french manicure, it's more in line with what you want and it's cheaper.
You can get them as short as you want, there shouldn't be a problem.

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