Friday, May 14, 2010

How do I stop biting my nails?

I always bite my nails and it's beginning to annoy me cause my fingernails always look gross. Is there something to stop this addiction? Thanks!How do I stop biting my nails?
I just stopped biting my nails. What I did is I was promised by a friend that she and her mom would take me to a nail place and get them done. The only way they would take me is if I stopped biting my nails. If something like that doesn't work, there is also a nail polish you can buy at a drug store that you put on and when you go to bite your nails, you get a bad taste so you stop.How do I stop biting my nails?
There used to be some kind of stuff that you could paint on your nails that was a clear polish, but it tasted really really gross. The whole point was when you went to bite the nails, the nasty taste put you off. My mom was going to try this with me when I was a kid. Instead, she bought me a charm bracelet, and a beautiful ring. She felt if other people looked at my jewelry, and additionally, if I did, maybe it would add additional focus onto my good features and make me take this negative emphasis off what I was doing to destroy my looks. I went round and round on this ';cycle'; for some years, and one day in High School, I decided I just was sick and tired of having trashy looking nails. Aren't you-----really? I don't know if you are a professional person, or what the deal is, but maybe, you should go get an artificial set put on, and see if they look nice to you--nice enough for you to keep your mouth off of them. I am not trying to insult you, or be mean. It has to be embarassing, and if you have a semi-instant ';cure';, of sorts, it might give you some willpower. Then yours can grow underneath.
i think you should go out and buy the nastyest lotion you can and put them around your everytime you try to bite your finger nails the lotion will come in the way and stop you from biting your nails!
There is a brand of clear nail polish specifically to help people stop biting their nails. It tastes nasty, so then they won't want to bite their nails.
get a manicure once a week for 2 monthes. then ur nails are 2 pretty to bite. also u will think of how much money u are spending!!!!
Start wearing Bite No More or Bite Free. It has helped me. I used to have to wear it all the time. It helps your nails grow faster, i think. At the present, my nails are long and they, for once, didn't get that way because I used Bite Free. I didn't use a single drop. But, really, that Bite Free stuff is great for long fingernails and it's not very expensive. You don't have to use it as frequently as the bottle says. Once / day or every other day would probably suffice. I have had one bottle for at least a year and a half. It it just now starting to run out.

You can find it at a local drug store--5 second Bite Free Nail Treatment. It's only $2.99

Good luck!

PS~This stuff tastes terrible! lol
yeah find a piece of gum or some candy to chew on when you are thinking about biting on your nails that should do he trick.
yeah there is this brand of nail vanish that taste mingin and then you want bite them thats how horrible its is
I used to bite my nails alot! I quit about four months ago, COLD TURKEY and WILL POWER! You have to have the will to stop. It's bad for your teeth (grinding movement wears down your teeth), it's dirty (there is alot of gunk under your nails), and it looks real bad. Good luck!
It is surely a habit and habits can be broken. Use acrylic or some nail wrap for a while and during that time you will stop. Habits usually take about 3 to 7 days to break. Try using the nail wraps for at least one month.
The nail polish only works for some people. My grandma tried it on me when I was a kid and yes it does taste extremly nasty but since I've always been a very nervous %26amp; fidgety person I would wind up picking it off. Plus if you eat any foods with your hands forget it. If you accidently get that taste in your mouth it ruins it.

I did figure out what I was doing that would make me bite my nails. If I sit down to watch I movie I bite. If I'm concentrating on something hard I bite. If a nail chips or peels I bite.

Quiting nail biting is like quiting smoking (minus the nicotine withdrawls). Keep you hands busy and keep them neat. I can't afford to go get manicures so I do it at home, something I can do while watching tv. Keep a GOOD pair of nail clippers %26amp; emery board handy at all times in case of any breaks. I have a set in my purse %26amp; in my car. This will keep you from biting it off. Have a coach. Mine is my 4 year old daughter anytime she sees me I hear ';Mommy quit eating your fingers'; .Having someone else draw attention to helps believe me.
Yeah I do this too So I just get acrylics put on they look pretty and I never bite them Good luck I know it is hard to stop.

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