Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How do I cure and prevent ingrown toe nails?

I constantly have ingrown toe nails and I'm tired of it! Is there anything I can do to get rid of one and prevent them from returning?How do I cure and prevent ingrown toe nails?
Go barefoot. This is a serious answer. It works.How do I cure and prevent ingrown toe nails?
They have a simple surgery they can do to cut the sides of the nail away (very small area)%26amp; burn/sear the area where the nail was cut away so it doesn鈥檛 grow back...problem solved however if it is just a once and a while thing....cut a v out of the middle of the nail tip only it will grow to fill the center of the nail back in and stop the nail growth from growing outwards towards the sides, this might take a few times to master.....but should work!
i had surgery on both toes cuz i got ingrowns on both the surgery is well worth it i healed fast and dont have to worry about it anymore and its a fast procedure
The main treatment I have heard of is in the way you cut your toenails. You should cut them straight across, kind of square, where the edges are not really able to grow into the sides. Also, be sure and wear shoes with plenty of toe room, that won't compress the sides of your toes. As far as getting rid of one, ouch. If you can pull the edge up and get something soft under it until it grows out, that will help. Without knowing how bad the toe is, it's hard to tell you what to do.
A podiatrist can sterilize the root and prevent them. One method is to cut a V shape in the middle of the toenail and nail will grow inward towards the center. It would still recommend the podiatrist ( foot doctor)
There's a surgery where the kill the thing that makes your toenails grow outward %26lt;---------------%26gt;

Thus, no more ingrown tonails.
i too suffer with constant ingrowing toe nails and they are extremley painful. I have had a minor surgery where they inject your bone with local thats hurts the needle bit. Both it was worth it they killed of the bone ane cut a v outta. I hadno more problemswitht that foot. Just the other one now. I have tried some days at the moment putting elaster plaster round the toe tightly and pulling the skin up over the nail. Its a good temp solution. Good luck x
Soak a little peice of cotton in rubbing alcohol and leave it under the edge of your nail for awhile. I've heard that works well.

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