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What is a good way to stop bitting my nails?

I have been bitting my nails for 21 years and I need a good way to help me stop someone please help.What is a good way to stop bitting my nails?
Nail biting is the habit of biting one's fingernails or toenails during periods of nervousness, stress, hunger, or boredom. It can also be a sign of mental or emotional disorder. The clinical name for nail biting is chronic onychophagia.

Negative Side-Effects

Biting the nails can result in the transportation of germs that are buried under the surface of the nail into the mouth. In fact, nail salons use tools that potentially affect a human in a similar way. “If [nail tools, such as files] are used on different people, these tools may spread nail fungi, staph bacteria or viruses,” warns Rick Lopes, a spokesperson for the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Thus, one can see that many pathogens have the ability to ';live'; inside of a nail, and because of this biting the nails can potentially cause health issues.

The reverse of this may also occur. A compulsive nail biter could also be tempted to bite not only the nail, but also the surrounding skin and cuticle, possible breaking skin and transferring opportunistic microbial and viral infections from their mouths onto their fingers or toes.

Nail biting also has the negative side effect of restraining the use of the hands. A compulsive nailbiter can be restricted in their ability to work (i.e. writing, typing, drawing, driving) because of the damage done to the nail or surrounding skin and/or anxiety in regards to the appearance of their nails.

A long-time habit of nailbiting may have detrimental effects on the substantia adamantinea of the front teeth, promoting caries in these areas.



Nail biting has been shown to respond well to certain types of medication. The medications used to treat the problem include the newest, most potent anti-depressants. These medications are also used to treat Trichotillomania and OCD and include clomipramine, fluoxetine, sertraline, paroxetine, fluvoxamine, citalopram, escitalopram, nefazodone and venlafaxine. Also, small amounts of the anti-psychotics used to treat schizophrenia such as risperidone, olazapine, quetiapine, ziprasidone, and aripiprazole can be used to augment anti-depressants. It is important to note that the use of anti-psychotics to treat nail biting does not necessarily indicate that the patient is suffering from psychosis.

Another option calls for the use of the B vitamin inositol. It reduces the urge to bite by enhancing the activity of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin may be implicated in OCD and related disorders.

Behavioral Therapy

Some patients have found behavioral therapy to be beneficial on its own or as a complement to medication. The first part of nail biting therapy consists of Habit Reversal Training (HRT), a four part process that seeks to ';unlearn'; the habit of nail biting and possibly replace it with a more constructive habit. In addition to HRT, Stimulus Control therapy is used to both identify and then eliminate the stimulus that frequently triggers biting urges.1.

The symptoms have been found to respond best to a combination of medication and therapy.

Other Treatment

Various forms of aversion therapy exist to help people stop biting their nails. These include methods such as coating the nails with a bad-tasting substance (sometimes in the form of a special nail polish) or wearing a rubber band on their wrist and having friends and family members snap it (or tell the nailbiter to snap it) when they see nailbiting. Some methods (including aforementioned aversion methods) can work by making the biter aware of their actions and finding other things to do. Keeping a record of when one bites may also be helpful in finding the root of the problem.

Some nail biters who undergo orthodontic treatment find that wearing a retainer or a bite plate makes it impossible for them to sever their nails with their teeth. This can have the unintentional side-effect of helping the individual to overcome their nail-biting habit.

Some nail-biters, however, find the effectiveness of all of these remedies to be poor. For them, it may take sheer determination to break the habit. Tactics they may find helpful include making a mental note to stop, promising oneself not to bite, and making it a New Year's resolution to stop.

Like other nervous habits, nail biting is sometimes a symptom of an emotional problem. In these cases, resolving the underlying problem can help to lessen or eliminate the nail-biting habit.

Some nailbiters find that hypnotherapy is a beneficial treatment.

To summarize, here are the tips to avoid nail-biting:

1. Trim (and polish) your nails.

This is a major way to stop nail biting. Trimming can be done and should be done by everybody, while nail polishing is applicable mainly for ladies over 12 or even older, though there are invisible nail polishes that can be applied by men as well. If your nails are trimmed, you will have less stuff for biting and unless you like the cuticles especially, you will simply be unable to bite your nails without biting the soft tissue under it. Since biting the soft tissue under the nail is very painful, chances are that even if you attempt to bite your nails, you will stop it immediately, at the first signs of pain.

Well, this might sound a little bit drastic, but unless you are masochistic enough, pain will remind you that you are doing something wrong. Also the sight of the perfectly-trimmed and cared of manicure reminds you that if you bite it, it is gone.

2. Stress and anxiety management.

If nail biting is your response to stress and anxiety, some stress management techniques help. One solution is to find another stress-reliever, preferably a healthy and nonirritating one – for instance drawing or writing.

3. Keep your hands busy.

This also helps a lot, especially if you are biting your nails while doing something else – waiting or watching TV, for example. If you have a small ball to squeeze, or even a pen to draw meaningless lines, this will keep your hands occupied and your nails are not in such danger anymore.

4. Paint your nails with a bitter-tasting polish.

This is for the hard addicts. There are many special formulas on the market that are just for you – they look good, don't damage your nails but taste awfully. Unless you get used to the taste, or even start liking it, the awful taste will cool down your desire to bite your nails.

5. Chew gum or mints.

Even if your hands are free, when your mouth is busy chewing something else, most likely you will not chew your nails. This tip is especially useful, if you have quit smoking recently and just need some other activity to replace it with.

6. Wear gloves.

Gloves are a physical barrier to biting your nails, so if you can wear gloves, for instance if you don't live in a hot place, or your coworkers will look at you at dismay, gloves can also be used to fight your bad habit.

7. Rubber bandages or stickers.

Putting bandages or stickers on your nails is another physical barrier to biting them. Well, you might look pretty funny in an outfit like this but if nothing else helps, you may try it.

The above listed tips for nail biting might not help everybody, especially those of you who have had this habit all their life. Giving up nail biting completely is very difficult but if you give up and don't keep trying, you might never be able to have healthy nails.What is a good way to stop bitting my nails?
I know there is a product they used to make that you could by at the drug store. I got some for my friend back in high school. Look in the nail polish section. You paint it on like a clear polish but it has a very bitter taste.

Good Luck!
You can put a nail polish like a hardener that taste really bad, or you can scrap a bar of soap at get soap it your nails , so it taste abd when you bit them.
natural non-toxic,not tested on animals and fda,ctfa approved- called control-it
stop biting your nails
It's some type of nail stuff that's out like a hardening and when you even put your tongue on your nail it tastes nasty it works
put bandades on every finger you bite will be humiliated if you're in school and you will be inspired to quit fast..worked on me =D
put sum viniger if u dont lyk that thats wat helps me
Cut and trim your nails safely and frequently. For changing the bitting habit eat continuously the candies.
I treid everything listed %26amp; nothing worked (yes, I even bit off fake nails %26amp; yucky tasting stuff)..... what finally worked for me was rubbing my nails thru actual habanero peppers...

This made my fingers sting a bit. Created problems when I rubbed my eyes %26amp; I had to learn extra padding toilet paper wiping techniques.... but IT WORKED

Problem is I had to do this @ 45 days in a row to get the habit to change long enough to ';Stick';
try chewing gum or carry around some mints with you, they will keep your mouth busy and you will be less likely to put ur fingers in ur mouth

when i was little my mom used to put spices on my fingers so i wouldnt bite my nails and if i did bite them the spices would sting and i would think twice about doing it again lol but i think you're probably too old for that trick
remember germs if you bite your nails thinkof how many people touch the stuff you touch and does not wash their hands.just because you wash your hands it does not mean everyone does it.yeah that's nasty.
fake nails
try to see under telescope u'll hateto bite it cuz theres like bacterias moving aorund like bugs nails are the durtiest part of the human body
I have a similar problem. However, I'm starting to get better about it. Here's why: I'm an art major. I'm taking the three messiest art classes and I work at an oil change place. I can't get my hands clean, nor can I get all the crap out from under them, so I can't bite my nails. It's gross, but it seems to be breaking the habit....
i was desperate to i would put really gross things on my nails.

nail polish/remover does not work.

i HATE ketchup and i would spread just a little on made me stay away!
tabasco sauce on the ends
You should regularly cut your nails, you can also buy this special medicated nailpolish that you use for that problem you buy it from your nearest local pharmecist just ask them and they'll get it for you. What you do is you apply it on so that when you start biting your nails it tastes horrible that way you gradually break your habit because it wont taste nice any more
There is this fingernail polish like stuff. It goes on like fingernail polish and it tastes really nasty. That is how I have helped three of my friends to stop biting their nails and my brother to stop sucking his thumb.
Paint them....and the paint will tase bitter when u chew...and should prevent u from biting them....there is also a special nail polish u can use...that they make hard to take off...and really bitter ....…

but id shop around to see if u can get it cheaper....
therapy? a sedative? 21 years is a long time to be doing anything...

How do I stop biting my nails?

Its been a habit since I was 3 years old. I really want to stop, and I bite them down to almost nothing! Does biting nails affect me in any way?How do I stop biting my nails?
There is supposed to be a nail polish that tastes nasty when you get it near your mouth, thus supposedly preventing you from biting them. That has never worked for me. I've bitten mine since I was 2, and the only thing that helped me quit was having fake nails put on. As soon as they came off though, I was straight back to biting them.How do I stop biting my nails?
Always have a pack of gum then if you chew your nails you get nails in the gum ha ha ha. You wouldn't like that would you?
I used to bite my nails too. Looking at your picture (I'm assuming your a guy) I put bleach on the tips of my fingers, that way, whenever I went to bite, there was an awful taste in my mouth! If your a girl (u might want to change your picture) you can paint your nails because I never chew my nails with polish on.
at the drug store their is this stuff you can get for biting nails its called better sweet and once you put your fingers in your mouth you will never do it again please believe
Hi. I had the same habit..bad habit...sincerely when i read what you said i wondered....since when i am I biting my nails?? sincerely i can not remember the day i started...but i can tell you that being a girl it is horrible to have ugly nails...everybody got used to the fact that i am a bit abnormal...i did the same...practically i had no nails at all.... far as i observed myself i am a very nervous person...and by biting my nails i calmed down in a way...Smoking didn't work, i took destressing pills..didn't work at all.

I don't know in what certain situation do you find yourself biting yr nails. I found myself dooing it while reading, while having butterflies in my before exams..or while waiting for the results..generally in great stress situations.. my family it was a hobby that everybody had in a certain way...but they all got rid of it..but me...

It is a few weeks since i decided that i had stop...why?? because my fiance has been smoking for years...he decided he would stop but could't do it all alone. so i said that if he made an effort i would too...and my nicotine were my I had to give up too. It was't easy and i had no ideea what to do..because i felt the need...

I found in shops nail strenghtening products.;and more interresting some which have a very bad taste but which help nails regenerate quite quickly.

So i bought a maniqure set, i polished as fine i coud my bitten nails. and then i used the product.

All i had to care about was to be aware that my nails won't broke,, or exfoliate so i won't bite the small pieces again.

So that's my the only problem is that i have 2 that are quite diformed..but they are healing...little by little...

Hope i was useful for you...and let me know if i can help you with something else.


yes-it's dirty- you're hands touch everything and ur putting them in ur mouth-not mentioning how ugly bit nails look even on a guy- get a hot pepper and rub your nail only on the inside (seeds etc) -just don't touch ur eyes-or put clear nailpolish on-it tastes yucky
Stuck on polo's instead.
Try chewing a pen !

also rub ginger or pepper on ur nails ..
Stick them in something really strong that tastes really bitter. I have no idea what but if you're fingers taste nasty, you won't want to put them anywhere near your mouth.
Put a matte natural polish or ridge filler on them. It will help them grow a bit %26amp; you will hate biting it off...

Make sure it's matte or else it will look girly.
paint clear nail polish on the nail that you bite the most. and yes if you've bit them for so long, theirs a possibility that you have some teeth problems because of it. maybe i'm wrong and you have perfect teeth, but the truth is it CAN damage your teeth and besides the habit isn't too attractive. hope this helps =)
apply nail bite to your nails
I Guess Try Not To Think About It.
i have the same problem and i start getting really bad stomach aches when i bite them. there is some stuff that make your nails taste horrible and its hard to get rid of too soo try that
Try wearing gloves. That is the best advise I can think of. Good luck.
you can buy a special nail polish which come uo clear but has such a vile taste to it when you go to bite it tasted so rankl you think again. i was also going to suggest getting false nails as taht stops you chewing your own nails but from looking at your avatar youre a man and i donr think you will be too happy waering false nails lol
There are some products,nail polishes which are for this reason and taste bad,also you could put artificial strong nails that make it difficult to eat them BUT everything depends on you, on how badly do you want to quit his habit! You don't have to use anything just believe in you and stop it...! Needs power and strong will ;o)
you dont quit bitting your nails i have been for years
Scratch your bare butt hole and you won't bite your nails. The stink will remind you of the nastiness.
Get some clear nail polish. Then, when you go to bite you have a nasty taste in your mouth. Or, I believe there are products out there that you can put on your nails that, when you bite them, you have a bitter taste in your mouth.
Just stop that's what I did. Good luck.

How do you stop biting your nails?

I've tried painting them with nail polish, but all I do is peel that off and bite them again. I know some guy came up with a cure, but I don't have the money for that.How do you stop biting your nails?
there's this nail polish you can get that makes your nails taste really bad when you bite them but i forgot what it's called.How do you stop biting your nails?
I can't polish my nails, I just end up picking at it and peeling it off and it takes the top layer of my nails off too. I started keeping a nail file with me and filing my nails when I am in the mood to bite. I just file enough to reshape them etc. I think that by concentrating on shaping them and making them pretty I've gotten out of the habit of biting. Supposedly if you do or don't do something for two weeks, you will have broken an old habit and started a new one. My nails have grown out nicely. They were kind of brittle and would break a lot but I found information on-line about keeping them moisturizing them to keep them from breaking. I now put lotion on my hands and work it into my fingernails every day. They have stopped breaking so much.
Learn to relax. Try meditation, yoga, deep breathing, therapy. You can take a class for that. You can also use some supplements that will help you relax (like Bliss鈥?/a> )
it's an OCD issue......i suggest you ask your doctor.
Put hot pepper underneath them. It should work.


What are cuticles? lol. I seriously don't know what they are. Haha.Nails......?
Cuticles-The strip of hardened skin at the base and sides of a fingernail or toenail.Nails......?
Cuticle is a skin that grown on your nail.(At the bottom of the nail where it starts.)
cuticles are the little piece of skin at the nail bed, like where your nail starts, its usually very thin and a clear-ish natural color
little skin piece on your finger
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  • Nails..???

    I have really bad nails. They are brittle, they crack and rip into layers, they don't grow evenly and they are not tough at all. How do I fix this?!? I kind-off just want to get fake nails because they have nice patterns on them and they hide my gross nails. Any advice? Oh and by the way I want my nails to be long.(real nails)

    Thank you!!!!!Nails..???
    you should try the hardening and vitamin enriched clear nail polish. it hardens you nails and gives them vitamins and minerals to get long and strong. The fake nails are only going to make you real nails even worse. They also might come off easily if you real nails arent stable enough.

    you should buy sally hansen's products that are just perfect for your '; kind of '; nails it helps your nails grow stronger and faster (: so you wont have to go through all the troubles with acrylics.
    just get acrylics
    Go to a beauty saloon and do a manicure... It will make your nails look beautiful and it will also give it a shape. They will give you some advices of how to keep your nails... Be careful with your nails also...
    Nooooo! absolutely NO fake nails! they cause problems for even the best nails.
    Try using a nail hardener, it's just like a nail polish that hardens your nails!

    Buying fake nails would be a good idea to hide your nails, but when the time comes 2 take them off, it might make them even weaker.

    Good luck ;-)
    Nail harderner may help you. Forget about Salley Hansen.. it doesn't work well for very weak nail. You may try ';Nailtek';.. I think can only get from nail salon. Ask the manicurist, they should able to advise which one is best for you. It can make your nail stronger and grow longer. Fake nail. acrylic nail will make your problem worst.
    As a licensed professional in the nail industry .this is my advice to you........I'd recommend you go to a professional Salon for manicures .....with the kind of nails you describe it will be next to impossible to have the long natural nails you seek as the cracking and splitting will not let this be achieved ......the nail tech will be-able to help you take care of your nails and give you an informed decision should you decide to choose enhancements. An FYI enhancements don't ruin nails.......its a crappy technician that can ruin natural nails!
    i've heard of a sally hansen product called hard-as-nails... that might be of help.
    blah ! grow em' out and keep fileing them with a nail file ?

    so a whole new nail could grow out and ur nail should be

    alot stronger and put lotion on the side of ur nails and on the

    cuticle so the skin around ur nail doesnt break n peel !


    mmm.. slippers

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    I have a kitten who squirms and squirms if I go to cut his nails. He's still very small and hard to hold on to. Whats the safest way, if I have no one around to help me, to hang onto him to cut his nails without me hurting him/him hurting himself from all the wiggling?Safest way to hold a kitten when clipping his nails?
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    Needle nose pliersHELP! Is there an easy way to hammer small nails (straight) into insulation around door frames? I can't hold
    Go to the hardware and ask for a magnetic tack hammer the head is magnetized and will hold the nail on it and you just tack it in place and then finish hammering it in.
    Buy a arrow staple gun for about 12.00
    Well, I would get a cordless drill, and a small (1 or 1.5mm) hss metal bit, thats just a teeny bit smaller than the nails. Pre-drill (where you intend each nail to go) the holes to about half the depth of the length of the nail. They should go in nice and straight.
    get some needle nose pliers and hold the nail in them and whack away
    use a nail gun!
    use sticky tac - put a gob, push the nail in where you want it and hammer, then remove sticky tac.
    A small nail or brad gun would be best.鈥?/a>
    small tooth comb
    If its going to be covered with other materials you may be able to just simply tape it there.

    Use a wall stapler.

    Use an electric brad nailing gun.
    Get a small plastic bag (Like a zip lock) stick the nail through the bag. It will hold the nail. Now hold the bag a safe distance so you don't hit your finger when hammering. I'm not sure what you are doing with insulation and nails near trim, but good luck with it!
    Stick the nail through a piece of paper as a ';handle'; till you get the nail started.
    Can you hold something larger like a clothespin? If so, just clip the clothespin around the nail or screw, and hold the clothespin in place and hammer away!!
    use your roach clip
    Besides hemostats or something like that, there is a tool that has a hollow tube that is springloaded that holds trim nails in it that you hold in the palm of your hand.