Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Any good ways to stop biting yoour nails?

omg i have a HUGE habit of biting my nails and i rlly want them to grow but i can't stop... plz don't suggest the stuff u pt on your nails and it SMELLS really bad and tastes awful if u try to bite them cause ive already been there.Any good ways to stop biting yoour nails?
Whenever I see you biting your nails I will tell you to stop! =D

that'll work!!

I guess you could always suck a mint or something,but then after a while you will have another problem,putting on weight or a craving for sweets.

maybe you should get your friends(like me) to keep an eye on you,and everytime you go to bite,you have to put money in a box,this might make you more aware.Any good ways to stop biting yoour nails?
thats really gross put some fake nails on
Sorry if this sounds like it doesn't help, but the best thing I can tell you: Just stop! Every time you catch yourself with your hands heading towards your mouth (except when you're eating, of couse, hah), stop yourself. Remind yourself that you don't want to bite your nails and lower your hands.

Also, try putting on clear nail polish. It doesn't smell like that weird stuff, but it does taste bad. Remember that it is *supposed* to taste bad - the bad taste will remind you to stop biting your nails!

Hope this helps. =)
but tobasco or some pepper sause on them. You bite and then you get the burning
Chew Gum =D It Works For Mee. Well It's Starting To Work =]

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