Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How do you remove hair dye off gel nails?

I had gel nails put on today, with french tips, and my sister dyed my hair. While I was rinising, the dye caught on my fingers (but not on my thumbs) and now the nails are a lovely shade of apricot. It hasn't stained the fake nail part (the white part) just the coating over the top.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove the colour without the nails coming off or going back to the nail salon?How do you remove hair dye off gel nails?
Sponge buttermilk onto the stain with a make-up sponge. Let it sit on the nails for two or three minutes and then wash it away. If the stain lightens but doesn鈥檛 go away, repeat the process one more time. OR Make a paste with Arm %26amp; Hammer Baking Soda and whole milk. Keep the mixture fairly thick. Using a very soft bristled toothbrush, work the paste into the stained nail. Let sit for a few seconds, up to one minute, and then wash away.How do you remove hair dye off gel nails?
Are you absolutely certain they are UV gel nails? Did the tech use ANY liquid and powder on your nails? If so, you have acrylic nails and yes, they will pick up stains from chemicals very easily. However, real UV gel nails do not stain as easily, and hair color should not have affected them in any way at all.
the stain is embedded in the nail polish top coat

you'll have to use polish remover and re-do ur nails ... the salon will do this for cheap

the underyling gel will be just fine and is undamaged.

good luck
try a wipe of acetone, but not too much because it will hurt the nail. Just a little to remove the stain. Then you'll have to put a clear sealant on top

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