Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How ofton do I trim a small dogs nails?

How expensive is it to do at a salon for dogs?How ofton do I trim a small dogs nails?
We charge $10 at Petco....

How often varies...depends on how active the dog is and what the dog eats...usually once a month...

you could get nail clippers and do it your self...

If the nails are white: clip only the white NOT to the pink

If the nails are black: clip slowly..look are the nail and dont clip past the black dot (the quik) in the center.

Also if you do it yourself get quik stop powder to stop any possible bleeding...

If you go into a salon they will show you how...we dont bite! :)

Hope that helps!How ofton do I trim a small dogs nails?
I just went with my friend to get her baby rottweilers nails cut at petsmart and they charged 12.00.. ( but the first time is free) but if you walk her on the cement daily, that automatically files her nails anyway and its alot cheaper especially if you have several dogs
We charge $10 for a nail trim. You can do them yourself if your dog is well behaved enough. If your dog has white nails just trim almost to the pink part (ie: the quick). If you trim into the quick it does hurt the dog -- not horribly bad... but it might give them a bad thing to associate with the nail trimming. So just almost to it. If your dog has black nails you can just take a litle off... then a little more... a little more... until you can see just a little tiny bit of the quick, kind pink in the very center. There is a product called ';Quik Stop'; you can get at any pet store... you just put some on the tip if you get the quick and it stops the bleeding.

A lot of people are too worried they're gonna hurt their dog or cut too deep, or the dog is just gets too freaked durring nail trims, so they bring them in to us.
$ 10, every month
Usually dogs need their nails trimmed every 4-6 weeks. Our clinic charges $11.65
My Chihuahua has black nails so I am scared to do it so I asked petco and they said 4 bucks a set.Like who would get only front or back paws done? Wouldnt they all need done, ya know.
you should take them to a salone just get some nail trimmers and dont cut they to the black part just the white.

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