Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How should I cut my childrens toe nails?

I had ingrowing toe nails when i was a kid and even had two nails completely removed. I seem to recall being told that you should cut right across the nail and not into the corners. My wife keeps nagging me to cut their nails at the corners but i insist that this is not right and is frustrating me. Can anyone clear this up for me?How should I cut my childrens toe nails?
While many things can cause ingrown toenails, the major causes are shoes that don't fit well and improperly trimmed nails. Shoes that are too tight press the sides of the nail and make it curl into the skin. Nails that are peeled off at the edge or trimmed down at the corners are also more likely to become ingrown.

To avoid ingrown toenails, you should cut your nails straight across. The top of the nail should make a straight line.How should I cut my childrens toe nails?
Cut straight across and if it's leaving a sharp corner, just hit them with an emory board to round the point, but thats it.
I'm not sure but I think you are meant to cut straight across in a straight line or they can get ingrown so don't cut the corners.

ouch I wouldn't want nails removed!
Cut their toe nails when your wife is away. LOL

Some people have to cut into the corner because of the way the nail grows into the skin. So do what you feel is right and if you see a bad nail call the doctor and ask what to do. Just don't cut too deep or you will be in a bloody mess.
My pediatrician always told me to cut my childrens nails straight across as well. They are 3 and 5, no problems with ingrown nails.
They way I do it is leaving a little bit of the white space that follows the pinkish part of the nail (as close as I can get it surrounding the pink area). I don't think anymore than that is healthy for your nerves.
Yes, you are correct, my doctor told me to cut straight across and not into the corners. This did not work for me because I think I started doing it too late and my nails bent and broke when I tried(which became very uncomfortable). However if you start doing it early then it should be ok.
Wait untile they go to sleep and cut them with some small toe nail clippers.
DO NOT CUT THE CORNERS!!!! if they begin to become ingrown use the file in the clippers to lift the corners over the skin before they grow into the skin and keep then kind of long NOT too short!!! then cut straight across

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