Friday, May 14, 2010

How do I stop biting my nails?

Its been a habit since I was 3 years old. I really want to stop, and I bite them down to almost nothing! Does biting nails affect me in any way?How do I stop biting my nails?
There is supposed to be a nail polish that tastes nasty when you get it near your mouth, thus supposedly preventing you from biting them. That has never worked for me. I've bitten mine since I was 2, and the only thing that helped me quit was having fake nails put on. As soon as they came off though, I was straight back to biting them.How do I stop biting my nails?
Always have a pack of gum then if you chew your nails you get nails in the gum ha ha ha. You wouldn't like that would you?
I used to bite my nails too. Looking at your picture (I'm assuming your a guy) I put bleach on the tips of my fingers, that way, whenever I went to bite, there was an awful taste in my mouth! If your a girl (u might want to change your picture) you can paint your nails because I never chew my nails with polish on.
at the drug store their is this stuff you can get for biting nails its called better sweet and once you put your fingers in your mouth you will never do it again please believe
Hi. I had the same habit..bad habit...sincerely when i read what you said i wondered....since when i am I biting my nails?? sincerely i can not remember the day i started...but i can tell you that being a girl it is horrible to have ugly nails...everybody got used to the fact that i am a bit abnormal...i did the same...practically i had no nails at all.... far as i observed myself i am a very nervous person...and by biting my nails i calmed down in a way...Smoking didn't work, i took destressing pills..didn't work at all.

I don't know in what certain situation do you find yourself biting yr nails. I found myself dooing it while reading, while having butterflies in my before exams..or while waiting for the results..generally in great stress situations.. my family it was a hobby that everybody had in a certain way...but they all got rid of it..but me...

It is a few weeks since i decided that i had stop...why?? because my fiance has been smoking for years...he decided he would stop but could't do it all alone. so i said that if he made an effort i would too...and my nicotine were my I had to give up too. It was't easy and i had no ideea what to do..because i felt the need...

I found in shops nail strenghtening products.;and more interresting some which have a very bad taste but which help nails regenerate quite quickly.

So i bought a maniqure set, i polished as fine i coud my bitten nails. and then i used the product.

All i had to care about was to be aware that my nails won't broke,, or exfoliate so i won't bite the small pieces again.

So that's my the only problem is that i have 2 that are quite diformed..but they are healing...little by little...

Hope i was useful for you...and let me know if i can help you with something else.


yes-it's dirty- you're hands touch everything and ur putting them in ur mouth-not mentioning how ugly bit nails look even on a guy- get a hot pepper and rub your nail only on the inside (seeds etc) -just don't touch ur eyes-or put clear nailpolish on-it tastes yucky
Stuck on polo's instead.
Try chewing a pen !

also rub ginger or pepper on ur nails ..
Stick them in something really strong that tastes really bitter. I have no idea what but if you're fingers taste nasty, you won't want to put them anywhere near your mouth.
Put a matte natural polish or ridge filler on them. It will help them grow a bit %26amp; you will hate biting it off...

Make sure it's matte or else it will look girly.
paint clear nail polish on the nail that you bite the most. and yes if you've bit them for so long, theirs a possibility that you have some teeth problems because of it. maybe i'm wrong and you have perfect teeth, but the truth is it CAN damage your teeth and besides the habit isn't too attractive. hope this helps =)
apply nail bite to your nails
I Guess Try Not To Think About It.
i have the same problem and i start getting really bad stomach aches when i bite them. there is some stuff that make your nails taste horrible and its hard to get rid of too soo try that
Try wearing gloves. That is the best advise I can think of. Good luck.
you can buy a special nail polish which come uo clear but has such a vile taste to it when you go to bite it tasted so rankl you think again. i was also going to suggest getting false nails as taht stops you chewing your own nails but from looking at your avatar youre a man and i donr think you will be too happy waering false nails lol
There are some products,nail polishes which are for this reason and taste bad,also you could put artificial strong nails that make it difficult to eat them BUT everything depends on you, on how badly do you want to quit his habit! You don't have to use anything just believe in you and stop it...! Needs power and strong will ;o)
you dont quit bitting your nails i have been for years
Scratch your bare butt hole and you won't bite your nails. The stink will remind you of the nastiness.
Get some clear nail polish. Then, when you go to bite you have a nasty taste in your mouth. Or, I believe there are products out there that you can put on your nails that, when you bite them, you have a bitter taste in your mouth.
Just stop that's what I did. Good luck.

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