Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can liquid nails be used to repair an iron chair leg?

I have a foot stool and the base of it including legs is wrought iron or some type of metal. Its legs, 3 of them are broken and 1 is still attached. I am no longer using it, but I want it for decorative purposes.Can liquid nails be used to repair an iron chair leg?
It should work to attach it. But, if you are looking for a fast grab and durability, nothing beats Locktite.Can liquid nails be used to repair an iron chair leg?
Don't use Liquid Nails! The proper fix is to have it welded, but if it is only decorative and doesn't have to bear any weight, pick up some ';JB Weld.'; It's an adhesive that mixes up like epoxy but cures like metal. You can find it at hardware or auto parts stores. If possible, don't just glue the two broken surfaces, build up some excess adhesive around the break and blend the repair using a file or sandpaper.
Though Liquid Nails is an excellent adhesive for many purposes, when gluing metal to metal it will not work. As previously mention welding would be ideal. In the absence of having the ability to weld it, your best bet would be to get a good two-part epoxy, made specifically for metal. I would be careful in the future putting too much weight on it though!
As long as you don't plan to sit on the chair, liquid nail will work, but liquid nail can be messy. i would recommened using a clear caulk
Use JB-WELD you could probably even use it again.
no need welded
iron has to be welded.
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