Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How can I easily trim my dogs nails?

I live in a apartment and he can't stay outside (I know that leaving them outside will naturally keep them short). He is a 65 lb australian shepherd mix so he is a good size dog, I have nail trimmers but every time i get them out he squirms away and i don't want to rush doing it to cause injury to him. Please help they are getting long.How can I easily trim my dogs nails?
My dog would not allow his nails trimmed. Period. However he is very food motivated. If your dog is food motivated find a treat he really likes and use it to your advantage. With my dog I trade off a clipped nail for a tidbit of his favorite treat. Now he allows his nails trimmed. He gets this treat only when we do his nails. How can I easily trim my dogs nails?
Filing is best. You can get a heavy duty nail file (made for artificial nails) at Walmart, most drug stores, or a beauty supply shop. A dremmel is fastest and not really noisy. Use the attachment made of sandpaper, and don't stay too long on any one nail -- take off a little then come back to it if you need to (it will heat the nail and be painful if you stay longer than about 20 seconds). I always use the hand file after the dremmel for added smoothness.

You should get your dog used to having his paws handled. Teach him to ';shake hands';, dance with him holding his paws, handle his paws when you're just sitting together, etc. Always reward him when he allows you to manipulate his paws.

It helps at first to do the trimming when he is tired or sleepy. He's more relaxed and not so apt to jerk his paw back. Always be careful not to cut him, even if you have to leave it a little longer than you'd like. In time, he'll become more accustomed to it and the job won't be so nerve wrecking...

Good luck, hope this helps!

Keeping a dog outside does not keep their nails short, constant walks on concrete will help with that, and I'm glad you don't leave him outside. Now as far as nail clipping goes, nail clippers squeeze the nail and it can be painful to a dog, what works best for me is a dremmel tool that sands the nails down. It's painless and it's quick and you can get a lot shorter than regular clipping because as you file the nail the quick gets filed back at the same time.

They sell dremmel kits in PetsMart if you want to spend $60.00 for it or if your husband or whoever has a dremmel tool that they use for sanding then that works just as well. They also sell an item for $49.99 called Peticure that is the same concept.

Some dogs don't like the noise of the dremmel, my sisters dog hides when she sees the tool box come out, and mine needs to be held so she doesn't squirm while filing. (lots of treats help too).

Since the lab is a pain I pay the vet $21 to dremmel her toes and they get them nice and short.
leave the nail trimmers out and put them on the floor in the middle of a room he's usually in. Just leave them there for a day or so, and that might make him not get so excited when you take them out. I would have someone he also trusts hold him down, and do a couple nails per day, and stay away from the dark part in the nail, which is called the quick.

If you are doubtful you might want to call your vet and just ask if they have any tips.
Walmart sells cheap $20 dremels that are very quiet. The work is slow at first and the dog might not like the vibrations but if you do a nail or two a day I think you will be pleased with the results. Don't fall for the petipaws products you see on tv, they are just glorified dremels that don't work very well at all.
I too have a huge problem with my EBT who is normally as sedate a dog as you would find until you get out the nail clippersout so have given up with them. I purchased a glass nail file which are brilliant it never wears out . I could file her nails all day it doesnt bother her. Her nails are very thick but not too long I find I dont have a problem at all with her now...
You could take him to the vet, and have them do it for $8+. I know how you feel, I have a Beagle and she is VERY protective of her nails. I always bribe her with treats lol. I鈥檝e seen this new thing on the TV for trimming dog鈥檚 nails. It鈥檚 a electric nail trimmer. Might consider buying.

If you can afford it just take him to the vets or to a groomer and see if they have one of those dog nail files. No clipping, just files them down easily. You can also buy one online. https://www.officialtvwebsite822.com/ped鈥?/a>

My vet charges $10.

have someone else hold him down and just do 2 nails a day.

Look for the pink part.

Stay away from there.

Cut straight across.

it doesn't hurt him.

If you don't cut them they will curl in and cause him pain.
Green Monkey, I wish I had a a australian shepherd.
I have been using a cordless dremel tool for many, many years.

Never tryed it.

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