Friday, May 14, 2010

How can I make my nails stronger?

My nails grow really fast, but they are super weak. They always break and I can bend them easily. I have tried all sorts of nail polishes and what have you but none of them work. I don't want my nails to grow faster, I just want them stronger so they don't break and bend easily. Any ideas?How can I make my nails stronger?
I used to have the same problem.. then i started to take care of them.. i take a VITAMIN called BIOTIN.(located at your nearest WALMART) and i also apply nail strengthener.. i used to use the brand that they sell at walmart but it doesn`t work as well as the OPI NAIL STRENGTHENER. to get OPI nail stregthener.. go to the nearest nail salon and ask them for it.. it works really good. just apply 2 coats and leave it on for 2 weeks... then remove the polish to let it breath.. then reapply... when your nails grow out fast then it means that you take really good care of it.. its not a bad thing since many people want their nails to grow .... just follow my advice and you would see grat improvement.. i should know because my nails are really healthy now... i can type on the tip of it.. heheHow can I make my nails stronger?
you're welcome.. and you should great improvement.

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take calcium supplements. Drink milk. it really does work
drink milk the protein and calcium will make your nails stronger
Walmart sells some nail hardening polish. It's in a blue bottle and it worked wonders on my nails( i wash dishes 24/7)
i used to ues Nailtiques, it worked really grandma has really nice nails , and she tells me if I want nice nails like hers that it's important to take a daily vitamin.
Clear Nail Hardener from Sally Hansen works really well. So does the Nail grow in a clear pink bottle.
Try soaking your nails in natural olive oil for 3-5 minutes. It strengthens you nails and cuticles and is a natural moisturizer for your skin too!
Did u try using nail hardener thats what i use and it really helps
NAIL STRENGTHENER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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