Friday, May 14, 2010

How do you stop biting your nails?

I've tried painting them with nail polish, but all I do is peel that off and bite them again. I know some guy came up with a cure, but I don't have the money for that.How do you stop biting your nails?
there's this nail polish you can get that makes your nails taste really bad when you bite them but i forgot what it's called.How do you stop biting your nails?
I can't polish my nails, I just end up picking at it and peeling it off and it takes the top layer of my nails off too. I started keeping a nail file with me and filing my nails when I am in the mood to bite. I just file enough to reshape them etc. I think that by concentrating on shaping them and making them pretty I've gotten out of the habit of biting. Supposedly if you do or don't do something for two weeks, you will have broken an old habit and started a new one. My nails have grown out nicely. They were kind of brittle and would break a lot but I found information on-line about keeping them moisturizing them to keep them from breaking. I now put lotion on my hands and work it into my fingernails every day. They have stopped breaking so much.
Learn to relax. Try meditation, yoga, deep breathing, therapy. You can take a class for that. You can also use some supplements that will help you relax (like Bliss鈥?/a> )
it's an OCD issue......i suggest you ask your doctor.
Put hot pepper underneath them. It should work.

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