Friday, May 14, 2010

How do I get nicer nails?

I have really white, dry, flaky cuticles. I use hand moisturizer but then they go yuck again. And how do I get naturally whiter tips?How do I get nicer nails?
Donna Bee has the best answer.

I love natural nails, and with some daily attention, you will be able to have nice nails. The most important thing is to moisturize. A good hand lotion should be applied after each time you wash your hands during the day, and also just before bed. Another good product is a cuticle oil, which will moisturize your cuticle, encourage nail growth, and improve the flexibility of your nails. The best product is a product called TIPS, which you can read about at Keep you nails filed, even if they are short, to make the edges look nice and smooth and to avoid your nails catching on fabrics and breaking or tearing. Don't use your nails as tools, either. Eat a well balanced diet, and drink enough water so that you are hydrated from the inside, and you're all set!

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How do I get nicer nails?
There is a wonderful cream for cuticles at Bath %26amp; Body Works.


If that's not in your budget or you can't seem to find it, try asking your mom about Eucerin cream. It's really very cheap and I wouldn't be surprised if you had some sitting around. It's for very dry skin and will work wonderfully on your cuticles! =)

Good luck. =D
Ok so first take off all of you nail polish

then file your nails to the shape you want them

then buff your nails

then use a nail shiner

then use a clear nail polish

if this doesn't work go to a nail professional

hope this helps xox :D

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