Friday, May 14, 2010

Do finger nails grow faster at sea level?

I was once told that finger nails, toe nails, and hair grow faster at sea level than they would in say Denver, Colorado. Your thoughts please.Do finger nails grow faster at sea level?
at high altitudes, there is less oxygen. Oxygen is required for cellular resipiration to produce ATP and as we all know ATP is provides the energy to carry out metabolic functions like cell division. So in this way it is possible for slower growth of fingernails at higher altitudes but it definately will not be noticable.

Furthermore, at higher altitudes the the air pressure is lower which can lead to altitude sickness. some symptoms of this are loss of appetite, vomitting etc. so pretty much you eat less and anything you eat comes out so the body receives less nutrients. less nutrients=slower cellular division=slower nail growth

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