Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How can i grow my hair and nails?

Please help i really want my hair to grow and my nails any ideas?How can i grow my hair and nails?
I found that Jello helps tremendously! I would take a small package, make it up then split evenly in to 4 small containers. Eating one containera day boosted my hair and nail growth, and since I used sugar free jello it was a low cal, low carb treat too.How can i grow my hair and nails?
Hi. I have a website with a few answers to that. it is


it has tips on how to grow hair and styling how-tos. i just made it so it's really new. i hope it helps you! If you do visit, leave a comment to let me know if it helped you!

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To grow your hair, only get minimal trims when you get your hair cut. If you do not get many split ends, maybe go 8 weeks between trims instead of the usual 4 to 6 weeks.

For both your hair and nails, you need to be healthy to have either of them grow, and grow well. Healthy hair and nails come from a good diet. Also the same with your nails, as they begin to grow do not cut them, file them as little as possible for shape. The only other way to grow your nails is to put acrylic nails on top until your real nails reach the length you want; however, removing the acrylic can be quite time consuming and you may find your real nails are really not in great shape after the acrylic is removed.
Vitamin E

and for the nails try Sally Hansen, and protein %26amp; calsiumn rich foods
Prenatal vitamins, you might be able to get them from your OBGYN.
eating more protein helps. drink plenty of water, eat right. stay active.
trim your hair every so often and keep your nails healthy, dont bite them.
Hair, Skin, %26amp; Nails. It's a supplement you buy. I think you can get it at places like WalMart and Fred Meyer?
To grow my hair and nails I take vitamins made by Puritan's Pride Skin,. Hair and Nails tablets. They are very effective and I have seen a diference in my hair growth. You have to take three tablets daily though which is annoying. Your best bet other than having a balanced diet is using vitamins that are especially formulated to grow/strengthen your hair and nails.
A diet rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and plenty of water will help you grow long, strong, healthy hair and nails, and a lovely complexion, too!

It's also helpful to condition your hair well, and not to use too many chemicals or too much heat on it. Never brush it when it's wet, use a wide-toothed comb. These things minimize breaks and and make your hair stay longer and healthier.

If you have weak nails, a strengthening product or clear conditioning polish from the drugstore can help keep them from breaking.
Eat vitamins. I've heard they help.
You can ';hair teeth and nails'; tablets from health food stores and for ail growth if your a biter then you can also buy this gross tasting nail varnish stuff which stops you.
you can drink some kind of medicine for longer hair but for longer nails dip them in water for a long long long time like hours! just fill 2 bowls with water and leave your nails in them all day long. or if you have a pool, just go hang in there all day.
Biotin Forte supplements. You don't need a prescription, but you have to get it from a pharmacy. For some reason they keep them behind the counter, don't know why. They are rather pricey. They also have regular Biotin, which I think is a little cheaper.
this is gonna seem really weird but trust me ask an indian it works! for hair, between shapoo and conditioner, put three bowls of yogurt mixed with coconut oil (parachute company is the best) from an indian store in your hair. the yogurt must be homeade. it can't be like strawberry yogurt or something. like it should be made of milk from home. ask the person at your nearest inidan store how to make yogurt a.k.a. dhai (pronounced dhay-hee). your hair will grow at least 5 inches in one month by doing that. no joke!
First, avoid products and behaviours that are harmful to your nails and scalp.

Little known facts:

Do not use conditioner directly on your scalp. It's meant for your hair only.

Nail polish and removers are bad for nails. Take a break in between paintings to allow nail to recover and grow.

An excellent product to help you grow strong, flexible nails is T.I.P.S.

For hair, first you or your doctor should rule out any deficiencies and/or medical causes. Maintain a healthy diet, take a good multivitamin and use topical minoxidil. Oral supplements and many topical solutions which claim to grow hair are usually unsubstantiated.
basically if you eat healthier you can grow you hair and nails out so they are longer trust me my moms a nutritionist so try fruits and veggies you can even loose some weight while ur at it!
um, i think 4 ur hair that u just have 2 let it grow in time, mine recently waz very very long till i got a haircut a few days ago. as 4 ur nails, i also have longish nails, %26amp; what i suggest is 2 not paint them alot because excess painting may cause weak, hard 2 grow brittle nails. if you have 2 paint them, paint them a nice color %26amp; after like a week or two take the color off %26amp; let them breathe for awile. oh, %26amp; i would invest in a good nail strengthener/protector. (i use Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle Salon Strength, in a gold bottle found @ Target) i put on 1 regular coat on every other day, and within 3 weeks my nails looked healthy %26amp; long. it just takes awile, but u can do it!!! good luck!!!!!! :D 鈾モ櫏鈾モ櫏

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