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How long after you stop biting your nails will they grow back?

I have been biting my nails forever and i have tried everything under the sun to stop. I have stopped before but always seem to go back like after i watch a scary movie i go back to biting full time. I have tried the stuff you put on yournails to stop biting them and i stopped for like two weeks but then when nothing grew i started again. Now i am going to try it again but i am afraid that they wont grow at all because i have been biting them for so long. So how long will it take for my nails to grow if i do stop biting? Is it possible they wont ever grow back...?How long after you stop biting your nails will they grow back?
I bit my nails forever (over 20+ years before I stopped).

You could do one of two things. If you can stop biting all on your own, then do so, and buy the product ';Nutra Nail'; immediately. It is a clear nutrient that you can apply several times a day, it absorps and does not act like nail polish. You will see growth really, really quickly. I promise.

However, if you cannot stop biting on your own,

What I recommend...and everyone will say don't do it because it makes your nails weak--but you and I both know that after years of biting--they are already weak, is to get tips applied. This is only temporary. You will need to maintain them for about a month or so until your nails grow underneath. During this time you should be able to get over the putting the nails in your mouth habit. However, you will have to have them removed, then keep them relatively short (while still using the ';nutra nail'; 2-3 times a day) until they grow. You will have to maintain this shorter stage until they are firm enough to handle any length. I have not bit my nails now for years, and this has really worked for me. I do occassionally fall off the wagon with one or two nails (during stressful situation) but I swear by the Nutra Nail product. You really won't be disappointed. Good luck!How long after you stop biting your nails will they grow back?
isnt biting your nails like cutting them with your teeth except its jagged. also its a bad habit. after you cut your nails dont they grow back??
Your fingernails grow about 1/20 to 1/10 inch per week. If you have bitten them back really far, it may appear that they aren't growing back, but if you wait a while, you'll begin to see them.

To give yourself some incentive, use the edge of a fingernail file to saw a little notch at the base of a couple of fingernails. Then, you'll see that the notch moves, even if the nails have not detached at the tip.
They shold grow back in about 2 or 3 weeks depending on how long you want your nails.

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