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How would a person stop biting their nails?

They've been biting their nails for years, so they obviously dont have the will power, whats some good physical things to do to stop biting them?How would a person stop biting their nails?
I have no idea if you're a guy or a girl. When I stopped biting my nails (I'd been doing it for over 25 years!), I had a special function that I was going to be in, so I determined to stop. Okay, so that might sound simplistic, but it wasn't. I took it one day at a time, then one week, until I was able to go a month without sticking my fingers in my mouth! When you become aware of what you're doing, that's the first step. Keep them out of your mouth! When you can see a little bit of nail, start grooming them. Push back the cuticles, put conditioner on them. When they get a little longer, put clear nail polish on the (only if you're a girl!), It just got to the point where I really liked the way my nails looked! And I haven't bit my nails once since. Take it one day at a time, just like any other habit that you want to stop.How would a person stop biting their nails?
when you feel to bit your nail put your finger slightly furter in your mouth so that your front teeth bite the middle-top of your nail. this will get them used to not actually biting the nail. If this is a girl were talking about, keep her nails with polish or some type of polish on them. or keep them done. in some cases the taste will encourage them to stop also.
Ewww....Anyway, put some garlic on the fingernails. The nasty taste will not want to make anyone bite anymore....
Well I had the habit also. I don't know what my mother used but it was some type of clear stuff to go on the nails. When ever I bit my nails it created this really horrible taste in my mouth. I mean horrible you can get it at CVS, eckerds, rite aid, or it might be at walmart. There is also a cream for sucking you thumb that works as well.
At my 6 i also had some stupid habit and my mother brought me to our doctor. He said me wonderful words:

';Do you really need it? If not, just qiut it.';

It has been enough for me :-)
Nervous condition causes nail biting, has nothing to do with will power. Everyone I know who bites nails uses this as an outlet for anxiety from childhood on up to adulthood. Instead they need to absentmindedly play with something else, (rolling coins from finger to finger, wear rings or bracelets to play with and move around, etc). It will take a while for your brain to get the message. Also, keep putting bad tasting lotion or cream on fingers to remind you Not to bite or pick at nails.
Morphine and a blowtorch.
Put socks on your hands! Duh!!!!
If they are teenagers girls I think it's a good idea to take them to a very nice place to do the nails and encourage them to not bit it. There are some nail polish with terrible taste and smell. Other thing is try to give them something to play with the hands while they are biting the nails. I bit my nails while I'm reading, so sometimes I have to play with a Chinese ball to forget the nails.
get fake nails put on with a ncie french manicure. They will look so pretty you won't be wanting to bite on them anymore!!
there is this nail polish(clear)that tastes nasty. my best friend got used to the taste, but every other person I know it works. I dont remember what its called though
Honestly, dip your finger tips in vinegar, castor oil, or soap, when you attempt to bite your nails it will taste disgusting. After a day or two, the mental aspect of the habit will be broken as your brain will identify this physical action as something unpleasant.
Just think about all of the nasty stuff that gets under your fingernails.
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