Friday, May 14, 2010

How do I make my nails stronger?

Im growing my nails out, and they are becoming thin. I can bend them, and they feel weird. I dont want them to break or anything because i've worked SO hard growing them out from just nubs.

I just got the sally hanson? nail growth and strengthening nail stuff today. Should I do anything else? Will this work? Thanks!How do I make my nails stronger?
sally hanson is great its what i use its great

waht you should do for like 5 minutes a day is rub your front of your finger nails on one hand with the front of the nails on the other hand together it helps strengthen and helps your nails grow faster.. i forget why but hey it works..How do I make my nails stronger?
I found some information:

Vitamin E will help make nails stronger and help them to grow.

Also, the addition of gelatin to your diet will help. It can be obtained by eating a serving or two of gelatin dessert each day, or buying plain gelatin [available at most grocery stores and supermarkets] and following the directions for mixing in a glass of water.
Nutra Nail Green Tea Growth Treatment worked for me. Just brush it on and rub it in. Sally Hanson products are also very good. Try what you bought and if you still need help, get the Nutra Nail Green Tea. (Available in Walmart)

I like to use Sally Hanson's nail polishes for nail growth and nail hardness as well.
i've heard that rubbing them with garlic will help
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