Friday, May 14, 2010

How do I get my nails to grow long?

My nails are at a decent length but i want them to be longer.

Not CREEPY long just like, model long.

But i already did the nail polish, nail hardener, and green tea, and none of that works.

Does anyone have a homeade recipe they use to grow your nails??

Maybe grow in two weeks?

Thankss!How do I get my nails to grow long?
well i dont have a homemade recipe but try getting your nailsdont and they usally grow also CLEARCODE is really great to i know this isnt great advice but it might helpHow do I get my nails to grow long?
grow my nails faster and stronger鈥?/a>
Go and get them sculpted. They are going to grow beneath the sculpted nails pretty fast.
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