Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you have to cut your hamsters nails?

I heard that you can cut your hamsters nails.Is that true.If it is do you have to?Do you have to cut your hamsters nails?
No, definitely not. I've had 4 hamsters, and one of them lived 3 1/2 years. I never cut their nails. It's not necessary %26amp; dangerous because their paws are so tiny.

Good luck! Have fun with your hamster! :0)Do you have to cut your hamsters nails?
most hamsters will naturally ware down there nails, and they usually naturally break if they get too long due to the way they grow. but if you dont have anythink in the cage that can ware down the nails, and they are long and causeing problems with walking, then you should buy some special clippers to cut them and be very careful and patient, and not cut them short, but just a little off.

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i had a hamster (he has gone to heaven sadly) and when i had him my mom and i had to cut his nails. i guess you dont have to but we did because it hurt to hold him. you just get regular nail clippers and have one person hold the hamster and have another cut their nails
NO... clipping a hammys nails usually isnt necessary , B?UT if theyo become too long whatever you do , do NOT attempt to clip them at home!! hammys are so small with the slightest movement you could clip off their entire foot almost!! please, just take it to the vet and save the two of you the agravation!! =]
No, you don't have to cut them. You can put a smooth rock in your hamster's cage (just make sure it's sterilized) to wear down his/her nails.
No you do not and its best not too! First of all, its very very hard. Second, since they are very small, you might miss or something and then they hate you ;)
no verry verry bad i wouldnt cuz how much they squirm you might miss and they prolly wouldnt be very happy
lmao no they can loose a leg if u miss rofl!

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