Friday, May 14, 2010

What do girls think when they see a guy who has his nails polished with color?

Reason im asking is because im a guy who recently began getting pedicures and manicures this past summer and i like to wear colored nail polish on my toenails. Right now im wearing a color called strawberry margarita by OPI.What do girls think when they see a guy who has his nails polished with color?
You just have a feminine side to you.

It's not wrong, don't listen to the others.

Some girls might think nailpolish is cute on guys, but others might stereotype you.

But the manicures and pedicures, there's certainly nothing wrong with that. You're allowed to look after yourself.What do girls think when they see a guy who has his nails polished with color?
I think he is gay
That's just, reeeally weird.

Most girls would think ';GAY';

Yeah, yeah ';Don't judge a book by it's cover';

But appearance is something that is important, like for first impressions. And if your nails are like that, people probably just won't take you seriously, and yes girls will think your gay.
Thats odd. Does he have gender issues? Or is his mom a manicurist practising up?
well i really hate to tell you this but that's wrong, it would be different if it was BLACK! but pink?? Pink shirts maybe but no pink nails
uh... ok? dude i get manicure and pedicures too but i get clear. im not making fun of you.. infact i think you're brave
adventurous....and gay.
never heard of a guy wearing nail polish before, but some girls might think its sexy, i guess.. lol and some will take time getting use to. my advice, dont worry bout what girls think.. if they dont like it theyre not the right one for you.
If it were black I would like it.

But not the toes. That's just weird.
It really creeps me out because I don't even ususally paint my nails colors. You can still get a pedicure if you want but dont get it colored.
i think GAY
well girls think ewwwwww weird. Well if its on your toenails and no one sees it i guess its ok but if everyone sees it. well...
gay, or has a big feminine side
queer, gay, ******, pansy.... the list goes on and on.
It's not my style lol.... I don't really care if he has really nice nails...just not with girly nail polish.
amusing at first..but seriously? probably homosexual. not in an offensive way. i wod believe u if u said u wernt

we think gay lol
Gay. Nail polish is for hot chicks.
ummm........i think its gay and fagitish as well as many other girls! especially it ur happy to call it strawberry margarita! it its black i think ur goth.
HAHAH i dont you need a girl to answer that really! You can answer that yourself!

P.S. Thats Really gay!
A Jose Queervo.
uh yuck lol but if its pink or colorfuk than gay but black goth or emo
If I saw a guy wearing that shade (or nail polish in general) I would think he was gay. If was black and on your finger nails I would think you was a rocker or gothic.. But the fact that you paint your toe nails at all is kinda odd. Sorry.
They'll think you are gay!

Thanks for taking yourself off the breeding list!

Most men are way too insecure to wear a 'color' on their fingernails ... but there are many men who want 'color' on their toenails, but tend to 'show them off' only to people who know and understand. I actually have met and talked with several men who work fingernail polish ... some are 'transgender' and some are 'goth' ... I find everyone has something interesting to say, and many become my friends ... I'm NOT 'a girl' though ... I'm an older woman, past menopause, a 'crone' ... but I like seeing men who have well cared for nails as much as I do women ... but the key words are 'well cared for' and not 'gaudy' or 'overdone' ...
ummmmm why...i wouldn't date a guy who did that
gay if its pink

but when emo and punk guys put on black its hot
uuuuummm....eww...Not cool
Having your nails neat and clean is fine, even clear nail polish is OK.

Colored nail polish is for women , if that's what you think you are, go knock yourself out .

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