Friday, May 14, 2010

How do you stop biting your finger nails?

I bite my nails every once in a while and when I bite them I bite them short how do I stop nail polish works sometimes for me.How do you stop biting your finger nails?
GETTING A MANICURE DOES NAWT HELP!! its a waste of money cause no matter what u bite no matter what!!

i know it tastes gross but yeah if i were u i woul get worried that if u bit ur nails alot ur nails will get widder and ugly. and also the ends of ur nails wont be perfect!! i always used 2 bite my nails but i stoped by worrying that what my fingernails r gonna look like!! or nailpolish does work but at a time u start 2 scratch it off and start bitting!! so another idea is put fake nails on and its plastic so u wont even bother 2 bite and fake nails do look gr8!! also under the fake nails ur real nails grow under the fake nails so when the fake nails have 2 come off u have long nails on-the-go!!How do you stop biting your finger nails?
fake nails are bad for your nails

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If you look in the beauty section where the nails are, you will see a polish that might be called 'No Biting' or something similar. You brush it on your nails and when you go to bite them, they taste awful. I used this on my 10 year old daughter who wouldn't quit biting hers. She doesn't do it too often anymore.
you bite them when you're stressed.

find other ways to de stress yourself.

positive things, like exercise, yoga etc.
my mom use to bite her nails when she was young.

she said that she stopped by sitting on her

hands every time

she started

to bite her nails.
I used to have the same problem.

Whenever I sat down and had nothing else to do, I'd

bite my nails. I trained myself to sit on my hands, or just

put the tips of my fingers beneath my legs, so I wouldn't be

tempted. Also, as you already mentioned, putting nail polish

on helps, since the taste is terrible. Even worse, though,

nail polish remover leaves a HORRIBLE taste, and it stays

on your fingers for days. If you rub your nails with it maybe

once a day, you'd definitely not want to bite them!
put poision on them so when you bit them you have to be rushed to the ER. That will make u stop!!!
paint them really pretty or have them done so they look to pretty to bite. And i don't know where she got it but i know this girl who bought some stuff u put on ur nails and it tastes really bad when u bite em.

hope i helped!!!
Get a manicure.
I used to have the same problem and still do at times. I try to keep nail polish on it stops me from biting them since it has a bad taste... but everynow and then I dont feel like painting my nails and start biting again... good luck and keep the polish on! hahah!
I had the same problem and I tried that anti nail biting polish. Every time I went to bite my nails it had this awful bitter taste. That worked for about a week, and then I started back again. The only way I could really stop was to actually invest money and get my nails done.... its really all about will power.

Good luck!!!!
Don鈥檛 apply nail polish coz it contains toxic ingredients, including phthalates, toluene, and formaldehyde.

Wear gloves.
Nail polish. This works for me, because I think it tastes GROSS!


But they make a special nail polish -type thing that you apply to your nails ( Its clear) And when you go to bite them , it tastes VERY gross. This will help you stop XD
Well at beauty stores they sell really bad tasting nail polish but its colorless. When you put it on your nails every time you put your nails to your mouth you won't be tempted to bite!
yo can get a see threw nail polish called ''cut and grow''

it works i used to bit my nails ALL THE TIME!!

what it does is when you bite, u have this vile yaste in ur mouth but it does you no harm.

u can get it frm local pharmacies

good luck
i would put nail polish remover on them cause it taste gross
i have no clue, bc i have the same issue.
Use nailpolish EVERYDAY!! And I get monthly manicures, that helps too.

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