Friday, May 14, 2010

What are those little white dots in your nails stand for?

wel does anyone noe wat they are, wat causes them, and wat they stand for?What are those little white dots in your nails stand for?
They are a sign of a lack of calcium and vitamins in one's diet.What are those little white dots in your nails stand for?
Sometimes it can be a calcium deficency. (Not enough of it.) Sometimes it can be from bumping your hand on something. Kinda like mini bruises under your nail.
it is where you hit your finger...but some people say that ';It is how many men you will date';
They are bruises from bumping your fingernail on something.
it's a sign of malnutrition or a lack of vitamins
vitamin defency. my opion?
Lack of calcium.
Calcium deposits.

Funny how many people said ';Lack of calcium';. That's a myth. :)

It's not because there's not enough, it's from having TOO MUCH. It is from NOT ENOUGH zinc. Zinc helps break down calcium in one's body. Too much calcium and not enough zinc to help the body absord it and BAM, you have calcium deposits. It's common and no big deal.

If the body has too much calcium, it can form calcium deposits. Calcium in the fingernails make them so soft they tear instead of break.
.bruises yes nails get bruised too
that indicates that ur body needs more vitamines and calciam
it means each mark represents how much botfriends you have ...(Lol) actually it means a lack of calcium
lol after reading the other answers mine is completely different but i am going to say it anyway. I was told that they are places where you have hit your nail and are like little bruises. haha.
they dont stand for ne thing. there bruises that u got while ur nail was still soft and under the skin. my friends used to tell me when i was little that if u count the white spots on ur nails thats how many boy were thinking about u.

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