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Is it safe to cut my cockatiels nails by myself?

I had my two cockatiels for a year after now. They were already big when I took them over from a relative. They won't come out of the cage by themselves, so it's not easy to take them out. In the past one had an eye infection and I took it out once a day for a week. Wow! It was nervwrecking for me. So how can I cut thier nails, as it hasn't been done for more than a year.Is it safe to cut my cockatiels nails by myself?
Cutting a cockatiel's nails entails a lot of danger if you have not done it before. If you grip the fella too tight you could collapse its delicate rib cage and if you clip too much of the nail off the overgrown cuticle will bleed excessively. However, there is a great product called Sandy Perches that I found at Pet Supermarket that had my cockatiel's nails back to normal within a three weeks. The perch is sand blasted mahogany, it's non-porous so it won't let disease breed, and it comes in all sorts of colors. It files the nails in a gentle but quite steady manner and if you use the perches permanently it will maintain the nails indefinitely. I was so relieved to find this product and hope you will gain as much relief as I have from it. Good luck with your two cockatiels!Is it safe to cut my cockatiels nails by myself?
Yes, but when trimming any animals nails you have to watch out for a tiny little vein in the top on the nail. Do Not cut below this as it will be painfull to the bird an may cause infection
sure just dont cut too far or they will start bleeding
I used to work at a pet superstore and we used to cut bird's nails or wings for free. I had to also go through a whole crate of parakeets and clip wings. (that's not something I'd recommend doing unless you have experience in it!) If you feel you must have someone else do it, call your local pet store (make sure they have someone there that is experienced with this!!!) and see if they will charge you for it.

If you don't really interact with the bird, it will be a bit difficult for you to attempt to do this, without help. Have someone do the clipping, while you hold the bird. I'm sure the bird would feel safer in your hands than someone else's.

Look for the red vein in the nail. it will be darker than the nail itself. Don't get too close to that, otherwise you'll have a LOT of blood all over the place! This goes for (almost) any kind of animal. It's just the same as clipping your own nail, and catching the skin under the nail. It hurts bad, and bleeds like crazy!

I recommend having stipic powder around just in case. You can get it in many forms now, not just powder. I had the q-tip lookin kind when I would clip my ferret's nails, just in case.

An alternative to clipping would be to get the perch covers that are like sand paper. That will wear the nails down enough so you don't have to clip them. They just wrap around any size perch, and are simple and work great too!
I find it easier to use a nail file on my cockatiel;s nails. She isn't

very tame, so I wrap her in a towel with just her feet out. Then

I file gently until they are blunt and not too long, that way I don't

have to worry about cutting too deep and worrying about the

bleeding. (if you do cut too deep, keep some vaseline handy,

you can pack some on the nail to stop the bleeding.)
Of course
You should be able to see the vein in the toenail, clip the nails back to just ahead of the vein and they will be fine, if you accidently clip one to short you can use a product called quick stop on them and it will clot the blood, you should be able to find it at a pet store or vet.
I think it is better to let a qualified person do it that way your bird don't think of you as the Villon. It don't cost that much and if you cut them too much you could injure your bird. Good luck !
DONT do it unless your POSTIVE you know what your doing. do some reseach on how to cut your birds nails off.
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