Friday, May 14, 2010

What does Cuticle oil do for your nails?

I want to know if it makes your nails longer or if it makes them softer? Or what does it do lol?What does Cuticle oil do for your nails?
Like the ladies above me... It makes your cuticles softer, to prevent hang nails, or makes it easier to push or clip your cuticles. Also, it contains vitamin E which is very good for both your skin, as well as your nails. It will make them more firm, and will help keep them from discoloring.What does Cuticle oil do for your nails?
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It makes them softer and harder and thicker! Use it about one a day for a week and you will see a difference
It makes the cuticles softer...preventing hangnails...
It makes them softer and thicker.

Its easier to apply nail polish easier.


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