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How do I cut my dog's nails without cutting the quick?

How do I know if I'm cutting my dog's nail's quick? I heard of Peticure where they file the dog's nails down, but can't you still file the quick?How do I cut my dog's nails without cutting the quick?
Some dogs you can see the quick. If the dog has light colored nails, you will be able to see where the blood flow begins. If your dog has dark nails, that's a bit harder.

Have a good pair of dog nail clippers and some ';quick stop'; just in case! Start slow with small clips. Some dogs have naturally short quicks and others have long ones. I have 9 dogs and they all have different degrees of the quick. I have the Peticure and use it on some of my dogs. It is easy and if your dog doesn't mind the sound and vibration it is probably the safest way. Yes, you could grind too far but it is easier to know because you can look at your dog's nail and see if you are getting close. Hope this helps!

How do I cut my dog's nails without cutting the quick?
The peticure thing files they down in small increments, so it's less likely to get the quick. I use nail clippers for my dogs. You can also spend $8 and take your dog to the groomer and get it done, but I'd advice to do it yourself. Cut less than a centimeter at a time, you may also want to shine a flashlight underneath the nail to get a good idea of where the quick is. My vet actually showed me how to do it, and he told me to do it that way. He also made me cut my dog's nails infront of him so that he was certain that I knew what I was doing
when i was doing a project for my animal science class i came across these nailclippers that have sensors for the quick and what not

this is what the site says:


The Quickfinder nail clippers use patented traffic light technology to tell you how far along the nail you can safely cut.

Red means too far

Yellow- be careful

Green- if is safe to clip

Plus, it mentioned how they're :Safe and easy to use on dogs, cats and even birds.

Pic: http://bichonhotel.co.uk/shop/images/qui…

you could but it is less likely since the dog will let you know when your getting close to the quick

when you are using a rotary file it grinds the excess nail down and so the dog doesn't feel the pain or pressure on the quick like they would when you use a cutter but the closer to the quick you get the more the dog will feel whats going on so they would give signs of pain or stress if your getting too near the quick

I had a dog who's nails would get super long cause he hated having his nails cut he would flip around like crazy right after I would cut the first nail but when I would use my dremil to file his nails he would let me do all four paws without freaking out (so long as I was fast )

and he was a big dog so ha ha so when he was done he was done :D
The best time to cut your dogs nails is on a very sunny day, outside, this way it is easier to see the quick, but if your dog has very dark nails, use a file, it can still damage the quick, but it will be less damaging because you will know as soon as you hit it and you will do less damage :)
You can cut, or i would recommend to shave or sand it down with some nail tools. They have very sensitive skin, or tissue, i they're nail, so i wouldnt clip, i would sand down.Or to be extra safe, and to save time, take it to a vet with experience. Dont wanna hurt it.
The Peticure is a cheap version of a dremel. You can get one at Home Depot. They work great for dogs that do not getting their nails cut. It sands them down but actually makes the quick recede. You are only sanding a little at a time anyway.
if the nail is clear you can see the vein that called the quick in it. My min pins' nails are black, so you just have to guess and cut a fraction of an inch off.
you may seriously hurt the dog. dont cut them without expierence please dont. im just saving the pup pain. your local vet or groomer probably cuts nails. go to them they no where to cut them%26lt;3 --you haev to have the propper tools!
Leanne is 100% right. You should take your dog to your local groomer to have his nails done. Now when my family can't take our dog, we use a nail file and just round them off so they are atl east DECENT till we take him.

Cut a little bit at a time and keep some corn starch or styptic powder handy in case you do hit the quick. Dabbing some on the claw will stop the bleeding.
I agree with Richard. I cut my dogs nails, but only little micro trims at a time. Make sure the clippers are sharp. Dull ones pull or crack the nail.
just go to where they stop curving or at least to where u cant her them clacking on the hard floor anymore. and i would recomend the peticure instead of the clippers
you can buy a special thing called a pedicure. $15.00-$20.00
cut few inces of the claw

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