Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How do i fix unshaped, and crooked nails?

Like i know you shape them but i am a awful nail shapper and im not going to go to a profectional. Plus how do you get french manicures to turn out right, without having smudged or uneven tips?How do i fix unshaped, and crooked nails?
Get a good file, one of the block ones if you can. Always file in the same direction, NOT back and forth. For a french manicure, you can buy kits at your local discount store with everything in it. Patience is a key element. Manicures done by someone aren't normally that pricey. Why not pay the initial cost, then the upkeep is much easier.How do i fix unshaped, and crooked nails?
if you just spend $15 they'll be perfect and you wouldn't have to worry about it.
Maybe u should file them or buffer them? or jus go to da nail salon.
You should file them if not cut them or go to your salon specialist to help.

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