Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What should I do to protect my nails when swimming?

I have long nails and as a guitarrist, they mean a lot to me. They are fine, but I notice that when I go swimming they get kinda softer and more transparent. I know that if you want to take care of your nails you should avoid long exposure to water, but I麓m really liking the swimming. Can anyone think of a solution to this? My nails by the moment to me, but I dont want to ruin them in the long run

Thx!What should I do to protect my nails when swimming?
by some nailtek its a nail strengthener way better then opi and cheaper its available in most salons. and a good cuticle oil the one by solar oil is good. you can also use the nail strenghthener by witchcraft it works well too. make sure you apply the nail strenghthener every other day and start all over after two applications. and apply the oil onto your cuticles at night when you go to bed.What should I do to protect my nails when swimming?
Get some Keratex Hoof Hardener and rub it in to your nails often. Hoof hardener is made for horses hooves, but really works great on fingernails too. It strengthens the nail, and you can still use polish if you choose.
Wear a nice strong base coat and no-chip topcoat on your nails and under the tips. good luck! :)
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