Friday, May 14, 2010

Any tips on how to stop biting my nails?

I have bitten my nails for most of my life, and I know it is a really bad habit, but I automatically do it whenever I get nervous or bored. I have tried bad tasting nail varnishes, but I just bite that off and bite my nails. Any help on how I can stop biting them for good?Any tips on how to stop biting my nails?
I also have been biting my nails for a long time. I have tried the exact same things you have, but like you- I chew it off. I also chewed at the skin around my nail when I was nervous or bored. Put some of your favorite nail polish on and you won't want to take it off, or, get a manicure. If you don't think that this will help you- then listen to this. If you chew on your nails, you could get a blood infection or, you could just get sick in general. You have many different bacteria in your nails, even if you think you wash them good enough.

That's what got me to stop. I wouldn't like to be sick from biting my nails so I stopped. Try thinking of that next time.

Best of luck. :]Any tips on how to stop biting my nails?

whenever you dont need to use your hands, sit on them.

if your in school and you need to use your hand to write, sit on the one you don't use.

Chew gum or small candy.

Think of how dumb you look biting your nails [that may be harsh, im sorry]

and think of how other people see you when you do it.

You wouldn't pick your nose, or a wedgie in public .[at least i hope not.]

Think of biting your nails as bad as that.

hahha [:
Put neosporn On before you leave the house and carry some around with you...The nasty taste will help break the habit, and the ointment will cure and heal, and Disinfect the exposed skin
Try artificial nails you can't bite through them and if you try, it will hurt ur original nail underneath.
Get a friend or sibling to give you a really hard poke every time they see you doing it. Eventually you'll hate the pokes and won't do it. Get someone you're around a lot

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