Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How do you stop skin peeling beside your nails?

How do you stop skin peeling beside your nails?

Heal it or prevent it????

Is there any creams or should i change my diet slightly??

They are becoming a real nuicence now

ThanksHow do you stop skin peeling beside your nails?
These are hangnails (apparently) - I was using heel %26amp; finger relief from Potions %26amp; Possibilities - but have recently noticed they have stopped soing this - it was TRULY magical - suddenly all the horrid ragged, bleeding bits of skin just healed overnight - same for the hard yucky skin on my heels.

I am resorting to vaseline at the moment - doesn't smell anywhere near as nice - and I do have to use it every night instead of every 2-3 nights - but it seems to be working!How do you stop skin peeling beside your nails?
hi im andrew and thought i would give you a bit of freindly advice Ithink that it may possible be this you may have dry skin so i come to the conclusion that is why it is peeling so that sujests that you are lacking oils in the skin stuf like fish oil or creams with coco butter that is good for the skin you should got to naturalsoapsite.com and down load our list on skin creams

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well i use Burt's Bees cuticle lemon butter, it works and smells good
Stop touching the skin peeling off your nails. If you touch it you'll make it worse.
I have the same problem, it just means the skin around your nails is dry, try putting lotion on a lot.
Usually its because of a lack of vitamins, try taking multivitamins everyday they improved the appearance of the skin around my nails. Don't forget to drink plenty of water, and moisturise the skin around your nails morning and night and you should see an improvement within a week or so. The multivitamins may take a few weeks to kick in, but stick with it! good luck
Your skin is too dry so you may be able to moisturize more and see some results. Also try Solar Oil. I buy it where I get my manicure.
lotion or baby oil, daily
You could use cuticle cream or hand lotion

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