Monday, May 10, 2010

How can I seriously stop biting my nails?

I cannot stop. Is there a way to do it without buying any products? HELP!How can I seriously stop biting my nails?
Try saving one nail at a time. First try not to bite the nail of your index finger ever by biting the others. Once that one is done, do the next one and the next and the next until you're used to not biting nails at all. try using gum as well. whnever you have the urge to bite, chew on some gum and distract yourself.How can I seriously stop biting my nails?
if you have nail polish then you can use it because what i did is paint my nails a dark color like black (but any color will work) then when i went to bite my nails if i did i would chip of the nail polish and it would go on my teeth and of course no one (i'm pretty sure!!) wants that so its kinda like a punishment to me!!!! Just every time you go to bite your nails think and be like well do i really want to have everyone stare at my the whole day or do i want to grow out my nails stop biting them and have beautiful new ones???? OK so this might not work for YOU but it did for me so i hope it does!!!!

hope i helped u!
If you have nail polish already just use that, I also have a horrible nail biting habit.Just think about all the gross chemicals you are getting if you don't stop biting them while they are covered in nail works for me,everything else even tape failed to.

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