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What is a good way to break the habit of biting my nails?

I always bite my nails but i really want to stop but i just can't.What is a good way to break the habit of biting my nails?
Put bandaides on your finger tips then as soon as you feel the oddness of the bandaide you'll know to stop.

NEVER use hot sauce as some may suggest, you may forget rub your eye !!!

Or worse, you may go to wipe your coochie and set that on fire for the day !!!


JerryWhat is a good way to break the habit of biting my nails?
There are special nail polishes that taste awful.鈥?/a>

Go there and try one of the biting products!

Good luck
cut your fingers off! just kidding, I have the same problem and nothing seems to work, Apparently there is a nail polish type thing that tastes real bad and that is supposed to help but I havn't tried it.
try putting hot sauce or something nasty on them. I fixed that habit by getting acryllics, it's more costly, but you never have to worry about biting them =o) I hear there is nail polish you can use, but never tried it.
you should start smoking..that will help
There is a special nail polisher that tastes very bitter. Try it!
I bit my nails alot. Then I started gardening. Dirt and sand and loam underneath the nails tend to detour the bites. I know I cannot stand the feeling of sand in my teeth.

Not biting them will eventually become a habit, just like biting them did.

Also, my little cousin doesn't bite her nails when she keeps them painted. The paint flakes off and does the same thing sand does.

Or consider getting a set of nails from a salon. You CANNOT bite tthose. I can't explain it, but the texture makes it impossible to bite.

Best of luck and if you need to- play guitar. You need short nails on the fret hand to play decent and thus justifies you biting habit.
I bit my nails for over 20 years. Someone I cared for very much asked that I stopped. That was a year ago and I haven't bitten them since. It is willpower... same as giving up smoking - you have to want to.

Good luck!
I've tried to bitter nail polish and frankly you just get used to it. My best suggestion is to get acrylic nails. Your nails will look fabulous and feel great and you can't bite through acrylic. Only thing is if you ever take the fake ones off your real nails underneath are super brittle and you'll be back to square one. I have bit my nails for 24 years - since I was two, and I've never found anything that worked permanently. Best of luck to you fellow nail biter!
Sprinkling arsenic on them is quite effective as is potassium cyanide.
I have done this for 40 years and I can't seem to stop. The only time I had moderate success was when I decided not to do it. I know this is of no help but that's the best I have to offer.
juust apply some horrible tatsing or real SLICK stuff on your nails... You'll hate 'em after that...
look u can put some shiit on them

i think then u won't bite them
The only way I was able to quit was with acrylic nails. I even tried to bite them for a while too. If I don't have acrylic nails on now I still try to bite them and now I have false teeth.
heres a little fun fact biting your nails is the same as biting the back of a cockroach
Try chewing gum.
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