Thursday, January 21, 2010

How can I trim my cats nails without scaring her to death.?

I have 3 cats. We do not believe in declawing so we have a lot of nails to trim. Two of them will tolerate it fairly well but one little female goes ballistic. She is afraid of her own shadow and always has been. But she is also very affectionate when it is on her terms. I have to do the nails by myself sometimes and that is a a real challenge. HELP!How can I trim my cats nails without scaring her to death.?
Hi there...consider swaddling your kitty like a baby in a towel to secure her (only having the head poke out and one leg at a time while upside down) when you have to trim the nails by yourself. Ideally, if you could have a friend over for a visit have them help you to catch up on nail trimming too.

Here's a wonderful website that shows photos on how to trim kitty's nails:鈥?/a>How can I trim my cats nails without scaring her to death.?
take her to the vet.
Some pet grooming stores in our area will trim nails for about $5. Otherwise, you will have to wrap your cat securely in a towel and clip them. It is very difficult to train a cat to be submissive.
You can trim her nails while she was asleep (from my experience of course)...You can try it...Good luck...鈥?/a>
Do it when there sleeping! It always works. Also push the paw to extend the nail out fully.
take them 2 the vet
I haven't had a cat for some time, but the one I had was somewhat the same as your scardy cat. What we had to do was to cover his head with a towel. That way he couldn't see what was going on. We put the towel over his head and grabbed the material just below his chin. That way he couldn't move. It worked really well when we had to put flea powder on too.

I just trimmed my cat's nails this morning... I did it with ordinary nail clippers (human clippers) while he was sleeping. I just gently took one paw, exposed one claw at a time, and gently clipped the tip with enough room to spare so as not to accidentally clip the quick. Whatever you do, do NOT clip so far towards the cat's digits that you nip the skin or the quick of the nail - that hurts horribly and your cat might never forgive you. You must look carefuly where the cat's quick starts and ends (it shows through the nail as a pinkish solid). Clip only the nail.

Don't be hasty as you do it. If the cat stirrs awake, leave it for the moment and continue on when it goes back to sleep or nap.

If that doesn't work, take your cat to PetCo or some other pet grooming service.
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