Saturday, January 23, 2010

How can you have instant clean long nails?

I like having long nails but i'm a very busy person so i need a way to clean them fast.How can you have instant clean long nails?
... keep a nail buffer and a toothpick in your handbag. Or else just keep them french manicured. also carry hand cream with you. Lemon juice is apparently good to get rid of yellow nails.How can you have instant clean long nails?
buy a few small nail brushes and keep on by the sink and one in your purse. Regular soap and warm water will work. Also paint some clear polish underneath the nail to protect from stains etc.
use gloves while working and clean the underside of the nails apply hardener when removing the cutex remove it with a remover do not use a razor as it spoil the nails wash the nails with warm soapy water then apply hardener then apply the cutex.
When shampooing your hair, put your nails to good use.

Cleans the dirt under those nails in an instant.
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