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What color should i paint my nails? I dont want to look childish, but i want to look professional.?

also, i want a color that can go with pretty much whatever color outfit i choose to wear. My nails are a little longer than my finger tips if that matters. Thanks.What color should i paint my nails? I dont want to look childish, but i want to look professional.?
French manicure is pretty and goes with everything.What color should i paint my nails? I dont want to look childish, but i want to look professional.?
A french manicure goes with anything!

it's easy if you use tape to do it, but try not to make the line up too high or straight across!
cubby blue
Any fingernail polish that is a neutral color, like, peach, tan, very light pink, even clear. You might consider a matte finish which is more professional, not metallic or with sparkles which looks more fun. Basically if you would consider the color boring in taste, then it's probably appropriate to wear to work. I personally think the French manicure with white polished tips with a clear coat overlay looks the best. If you are having a hard time deciding, paint each nail a different color on each hand and hold them up to your wardrobe in your closet and see which color would go the best with everything . Good luck!
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From this website:鈥?/a>

Here's a palette from which to choose:鈥?/a>

From that palette, 'San Francisco' is pale, but sophisticated; 'Desire' or 'Risque' are warm and sophisticated; and 'Vintage Merlot' is rich, but might be difficult to 'go' with your ensembles. Everything really depends, really, on your coloring, so hold your hand up to the swatches to see what appeals. :-)

Have fun!
you could to do red its really classy or you could go with neutral and do a tan color or you could try and go with french tips
Its the begining of fall so all the bright summer colors are out so Id go with a brown or red or a plain french manicure with white on white. Unless you live in constant summer than it can be a light pink or irredesent color like ';balerina slippers'; or ';marshmellow';. Def no black or hot neon color and nothing un-natural like blue, green, or purple.
You could do a light peach color (depending on your skin tone) or wine red.
black is professional and fun
BLACK is not professional ... trust me I got in trouble at my job for having black nail polish. I'd say pink
a red is always professional but not to bright
just get a baige or tannish cream paint them 2 coats after that use the white nails to do the french manicure look then top it off with light pink coat or clear whatever you perfer.
hugss.. well this depends on your age... if your older ..then how about very pale pinks... frosts even... and also a good manicure and color ..even just a french manicure makes a girl look more mature and professional.. staya way from th dark reds... purple etc.. those are childish and or gothic..if ya want to look professional... hugsss and just experiment...
It depends how professional your job is. If it's REALLY professional, then try light colors, not bright ones. Like instead of a hot pink, do a light pink. It can be hard to find light colors in nail polish, though. But just find either neutral or like someone said, peachy colors, that aren't too bright. My mom used to wear a really dull/light plum color and it was okay.

French manicure



light pink

Frosty white
I like light creams or pinks, they match everything and look very professional but fun!
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