Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How can I shorten up my nails?

I got my nails done, acrylic ones, and I just realized that they're a bit too long for my liking.

I want to make them a bit shorter,

is there a way I can fix this, would using a regular nail filer work? Like trying to file them myself?

Do I need to go back to the salon and ask them to make them shorter?

Or am I stuck like this till they fall off?How can I shorten up my nails?
I had the same problem!

Just go back and tell them you need them shorter. I'd go to the place where you got it done and they'll make them shorter for you. This should be done at NO COST if you go back to the same place you got it done. They value your buisness and will most likely accomidate you, so you'll come back in the future.

If however you can't I'd use a nail file..glass ones are super, they don't hack up nails..and then put clear nailpolish over once you're done. However watch out!How can I shorten up my nails?
use a regular file, then put a coat of clear over them when you're done. I had the same problem so i did that ^ and it worked for me fine!
so u dont mess them up, go bak to the salon and have them shorten them


I recommend you try a machete.
use a nail file

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