Saturday, January 23, 2010

How do girls with very long acrylic nails maintain their hygiene?

I know this may sound funny (and it is kind of) but this question has bothered me for a while but I've never had the guts to actually ask someone. I had gotten some a few months ago and they were not long at all. But they were very uncomfortable. I can't understand how women with those long nails do. If you have or have had extremely long nails I want to know how do you do your daily tasks? How do you wipe yourself? Do you clean down there?How do girls with very long acrylic nails maintain their hygiene?
hmmm extra TP in the bathroom. a washcloth or sponge for downstairs. one of those nail-cleaning sticks for under the nails.... long fake nails help for washing your hair, so i have found, because you can really dig into your hair with the shampoo %26amp; conditioner, giving your hair a really deep clean.

i think acrylics are uncomfortable at first too but i got used to them within a week. but they rip my contact lenses so i cant wear them much :( but i better get ready for them because prom is next month! haha

good question!How do girls with very long acrylic nails maintain their hygiene?
always wondered that myself...
Very, very carefully!!!
people still do that? i thought that went out of style in 02 or something, I always thought they were so ugly anyways.
It is a really stupid question.

Fake or not women with long nails can be just as clean as ones that don't have them.
Dont play with your cltoris let your man do it
Well, my nails aren't really long, and some women do have them long, but you get a washcloth and use it. nails dont really make a factor, because something else is washing you.

If they were uncomfortable to you, when I have the fake nails you buy at the store on... my mouth swells up a bit, and It only happens the first few days, but it's some sort of chemical in the glue or the nails. Not sure which one.

Ask your nail lady though, that's what she's there for. Dont get really long nails if you aren't comfortable with them.
Perhaps they use a reaching tool or a robotic buttwiper.

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