Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do I make my toe nails healthy again?

Being an athlete messed up my feet so I'm afraid to wear sandals. My toe nails are yellow-ish and kind of rough or cracked. I want them to be clear and healthy and looking presentable so that I can wear sandals with out worrying about ugly toes...How do I make my toe nails healthy again?
First cut your toe nails to nice length, then get a nail filler and shape the edge of your toe a nails to be a roundish- square shape. Then use the nail filer to sand down the crack in your nails. Then rinse your feet to get you shaved nail dust off. Get clear nail polish and put them on your toe nails. It sounds weird but it works to keep you toes looking nice and heathly. Then wait for your toe nails to dry and you have perfect toe nails with in 15 minutes.How do I make my toe nails healthy again?
here are some answers, which would help you. brittle nails and grow my nails faster and stronger



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