Saturday, January 23, 2010

How can i make my finger nails stronger?

my nails are always chipping, and i don't know how to prevent them from it! usually i have to keep polish on them so the nails themselves don't get ruined and peel and chip. this only happens to my nails when i try to grow them out.How can i make my finger nails stronger?
calcium, vitamin DHow can i make my finger nails stronger?
drink lots of water. but not all at once cause then it will look like ur prego. lol try this first cause i woodnt just buy random things that say they will work when they make it worse. also if water doz not work try nail polish that has nail strenghener in it. read the directions and dont put on to much cause it will smother ur nails. the problem may have been because u dnt let ur nails breathe when u put nail polish on.
they have vitamins usually at local drug stores, we have sallys beauty salon, not sure wat you may have...but they are for hair, skin %26amp; nails and they are really good at making them thicker %26amp; stronger.

also try a certain nail polish made for strengthining your nails =)
Buy Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Clear Coat.

It's just clear strengthening nail polish. I have used it for a long time, and the condition of my nails has actually improved :D
try a product by sally hansen called teflon tuff it works
Donot worey you could sharp your teeth.

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