Saturday, January 23, 2010

How can i stop bitting my finger nails?

and when i eat finger foods i wont taste anything if i put it on my finger nails?How can i stop bitting my finger nails?
Go to the drug store and get some of that nail paint that tastes really bitter.

jHow can i stop bitting my finger nails?
i had the same prob. i just tried 2 keep myself busy!!

join a sport or do something hands on so u won't bite u're nails!!! tht's wat hlped me!!!!!!!
Oh wow i have the same problem, what i do is i bought this nasty nail lotion you put it on your nails and it tastes soo nasty that everytime your finger goes in your mouth after that taste you think twice about it... and you get the hang of it... It is called Control it.... I got it from ebay but you can search the web to see who else has it its usually more expensive then the ones on ebay.
dip your fingers in nail polish remover it works just as good as that stuff in the nail department.
put on nail polish
theres this stuff that tastes nasty, and u put it on your nails. in in the nail department.

the worst you'll have to do is eat food with utesils for a week and a half, or if you strangely like the taste of the stuff lol..
Make sure you keep your nails trimmed. Also, try to keep something in your hands all the time so that you don't have a chance to bite your nails.
Put band-aids on the tips of your fingers.
cut them
Keep them cut short. I've found it good to also keep nail polish on them.

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